Face WashAcne Scars: What are they? Can You Remove Them from your Skin?

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Your acne might be a dark scar, tedious scars on the face from an annoying blemish, shiny scar, or even grave indented scar. These scars are a normal part of the skin’s natural healing procedure. However, for many people, these little tell-tale marks could stay around for a long time as an unwelcome guest. But the good part is you can try to get rid of them. If you feel that you have nothing in hand to deal with these acne scars, you are mistaken.


Right from the best scar facewash of no scars to different home remedies to medical treatment procedures, there is much that you can dig into. When you take good care of your acne issues, your acnes go away sooner. Here are a couple of the many acnes that you could have:


  • Ice pick scars
  • Keloid scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Boxcar scars
  • Rolling scars
  • Combination scars


So, these were a couple of the diverse types of acne scars that you could experience. But since you know it now, you may be confident that you will get rid of your skin acne scars once you follow the proper procedures and methods.


Why do Acne Scars emerge?

Acne Scars come up once the dermis, the second deepest layer of your skin, becomes damaged by surgery, wounds, picking at a scab, etc. Once a wound emerges, your skin steps into immediate healing mode, and it begins to try to close it up as quickly as it can. Since your skin is in a swift to repair and heal itself and top-up tissue, the collagen could not get laid out in the gracefully-organized frame pattern that develops the rest of your skin.


So, such type of hasty approach might end up in a scar. Moreover, it would help if you did not skip that too much collagen creates a raised scar, while a lack of collagen triggers an indented one. Over the next couple of years following an injury, your skin is definitely to work to replace that disordered collagen with straighter tissue, so a scar could get diminished but might never wholly fade or even return to the skin’s default appearance in that spot. How grave or obvious a particular stubborn scar ends up looking can be described by several aspects like:


Your Skin tones

Individuals having darker or fairer skin are more disposed to clear scarring.



Hormone degrees may also affect the probability of your body experiencing scars or even Hyperpigmentation.



Older skin inclines to contain less collagen and elasticity, thus making healing sluggish and scars more apparent.





Zone of injury

If you get a cut on an area that takes somewhat longer to heal, like your knee that bends a lot or your foot that experiences constant friction from your footwear, the scarring could be more probable.


Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Acne Scars 

There are many types of ways that you can try to ensure that your scars leave your skin. Have a look at some of them are below:


Lactic acid

Lactic acid can act as a gentle peel to pull away dead skin cells, and it might even help reduce the presence of scars and smooth the usual general texture of the skin. Lactic acid might even help lighten dark scar tissue, although it sometimes triggers Hyperpigmentation. Because of this likely adverse effect, it is better to examine products that possess lactic acid on a small patch or area of skin before you use them to treat your issue of acne scarring. Remember, various products for acne have lactic acid. It is even there in diluted apple cider vinegar, making for a more natural, inexpensive treatment.


Orange Peel Powder

Orange is a critical vitamin C. Consuming it has excellent health and skin advantages. The citric acid helps to lighten the marks and brighten your overall skin. Blend an equal quantity of orange peel powder with honey to be applied to the affected areas for premium results. Let it sit there for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat such a technique on alternate days.


Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a magical ingredient that might treat any skin condition. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and it is a mix of vitamin A, and K blended with antioxidants that might also treat burns and enrich your skin. Just apply the oil to your affected areas and leave it throughout the night for good results. You can even use it regularly, and that too in the absence of any tension.


Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has powerful skin-lightening properties and even helps you heal and make the skin appear fresh and youthful. Lemon juice helps remove tan, and hence, it’s a lovely anti-tanning agent in skin treatment. Follow the below-given procedure to get rid of pimple marks right away:

– Squeeze a single lemon into a bowl

– Dilute the lemon juice coupled with a bit of water if your skin is sensitive

– Rinse your face with cool water

– Take up a cotton swab, dip it in the juice, and dab it over your affected areas of pimple scars

– Permit it to sit on your face till the mask dries

– Then, use a gentle moisturizer to moisturize the face


Remember that lemon is acidic by nature, so if you have sensitive skin, you should balance the sum of lemon accordingly or skip this method.


Aloe Vera

Now, this is something that acts extraordinarily as a cure to all your body conditions, including the removal of blemishes. It is even an antibacterial ingredient that averts any skin infection. It calms the skin and even wounds without causing any marks. It is a robust way to do away with your pimple marks. It helps heal at a swift pace. It can get extracted from the original plant and directly applied to your scars. Apply aloe vera, and then let it stay overnight. It would help if you repeated regularly for good results.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It has been believed that apple Vinegar helps lighten acne scars because of its high degree of acidic content. It grows from the fermented juice of apples and could even be found easily in your local stores. The acids in this could help reduce the appearance of scars by removing the overall damaged cells and outer layers of the available skin and endorse regeneration. What you need to do is:


– Mix up four tablespoons of distilled water with simple two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

– Dip a cotton ball into the water-cider solution and carefully dab your scar.

– Leave it for proper drying.

– Ensure that you do such a thing each night before you sleep. It would help if you washed the zone in the morning. When you follow it consistently, without any misses, you might see good results.



To sum up, check out the best scar facewash and ensure that your skin stays in the best shape without any acne scars. You will find cleaner skin for sure once you use the proper procedures.



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