hand sanitizerAlcohol-Based Hand Sanitisers: Why to Use One?

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Using good-quality hand sanitizers is a brilliant way to clean your hands when you are not near a basin or sink. The point is simple; washing hands is crucial for keeping yourself healthy, germ-free, and with excellent hygiene. However, given the fast-paced lifestyle you live today, washing hands with the grand old liquid hand wash and water might not even be possible without a sink nearby. It is the reason precisely why hand sanitizers come into the picture. If you hear the World Health Organization (WHO), using hand sanitizers is a beautiful and an excellent way to keep your hands clean when you are not close to a sink, and they state such a thing because:


– Hand sanitizers are effective

– Hand sanitizers avert the growth of bacteria

– Hand sanitizers are gentler on your skin when compared to soaps


Indeed, you can get yourself even the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India from No Scars and ensure that your hands are always clean and safe. This post will get you all the information that you may need to know about hand sanitizers. Keep on reading, and you will value your next few minutes.


How much hand sanitizer should you use?

If you do not know how much hand sanitizer you should use, apply nearly ½ a teaspoon of the solution to the palm and simply rub it across the surface evenly. It would help if you kept on rubbing until the product dries fully.


Absolute Effectiveness 

It has been seen that hand sanitizers clean your hands much more effectively than soap and water, and it even diminishes the bacterial burden. Research has even shown that once you clean your hands with a hand sanitizer, they incline to stay clean longer. Clean them by using soap and water. The hand sanitizer even averts the transmission of bacteria from one person to another. So, you can be sure that you experience effectiveness in cleanliness with the right handwash on your side.


If there is no soap & water nearby, it is best to depend on a waterless hand sanitizer. Anything with at least sixty percent of alcohol can help stop the spread of germs and avert viruses, sicknesses, and even bacteria. Of course, you can be sure that you get the utmost affectivity once you have the right-hand sanitizer with you.


Ensures Cleanliness 

Certainly, sanitizers kill germs. But many people question how effective they are and how clean they keep your hands. You can rest assured that hand sanitizers are one of the most acceptable ways to keep your hands clean. Diverse studies have shown that people who use hand sanitizers are less likely to get stomach infections. Studies have even shown that hand sanitizers keep kids healthy and thus help in reducing overall student absenteeism in schools. Of course, you can ensure that your kids keep a hand sanitizer in their bag or pocket & use it whenever the need arises. In this way, your kids would keep their hands clean always.


No more bacteria 

One of the myths that stay even today about hand sanitizers is that hand sanitizers shall make bacteria resistant to treatment. But the way sanitizers work is based on the cell-membrane disruption triggered by the chemicals present in the sanitizers. This is not a thing that the bacterium can become resistant to, and this is something that doesn’t cause any physical harm to you and keeps your hands clean and healthy.


Gentle than many soaps 

Soaps are formed up of chemicals that can be harsh on the skin when used excessively. However, the basic formula used for hand sanitizers is better for the skin and a lot gentler than soap. Many researchers have proven that folks who use a hand sanitizer have better skin conditions than soap or liquid hand wash and water.



The most significant benefit of using a hand sanitizer is that it is portable. Sanitizers mostly come in tiny bottles that are easy to carry around in your bag or even out of your pocket! Of course, such a thing makes them convenient for you to use. You can slide a hand sanitizer into your pocket and ensure that you get the utmost benefit. You don’t have to carry any extra bags or stuff to keep the hand sanitizer. You can find these sanitizers in different-sized bottles and packs. Hence, you would never find any issues with taking them along. The portability will always make them ahead of soaps.


In addition, you know that, unlike soap, you don’t need water to use hand sanitizer! This means that sanitizers allow you to clean your hands factually anywhere! You don’t require looking for a water source or a towel or tissue to dry off the hands, either. This means that hand sanitizers are more time-efficient, needing less time to clean the hands.


Boosts the performance on the job 

Frequent use of hand sanitizers means that you are less likely to get sick and thus less likely to miss work. Adequate hand hygiene can diminish absenteeism at work by forty percent, and employees who use hand sanitizers are nearly seventy percent less likely to get somewhat sick.


Employers can even introduce hand sanitation programs to help improve productivity at work. The usage of hand sanitizers can enhance your performance at work by simply keeping you healthy and ensuring you work in a somewhat efficient and productive way. Of course, it makes a difference in the workplace.


There is a general trick for proper and adequate workplace sanitation: to keep hand sanitizer at the workplace and boost the customers and employees to practice proper hand hygiene. As paper money is packed with somewhat dangerous pathogens like salmonella, E.coli, and even other bacteria, it’s necessary to keep a hand sanitizer near transaction spots, such as check-out counter, as an example. Other practical and effective spots include meeting rooms, near doors, on the desk, outside the bathroom, in the lounge, and kitchen. You can even keep air-purifying plants nearby for additional clean air. As you can witness, these hand sanitizers do much more than keep your hands clean. These are easy to use and contribute to keeping an entire community happy and healthy!



If dry skin is somewhat a regular struggle for you, hand sanitizers could be the answer. Many people think that hand sanitizers are skin irritants because they contain alcohol. However, the truth is somewhat different. Some hand sanitizers do not include alcohol – you need to look for them. And even if some do have alcohol, they have some other ingredients that balance out everything for your hands. Hand sanitizers can get you softer and smoother skin and even get rid of that annoying dry skin feel.



Conveniently use hand sanitizers in crowded zones. 

In crowded areas or zones such as an office, school, hospital, or market, germs are easy to pass on from one person to the other. While installing a sink in the middle of these zones or areas is not easy, you can easily install a hand sanitizer with a holder.


It will be both easy and cheap to install sanitizers at entry and exit points of crowded areas such as these. Of course, you can even ensure that you have your hand sanitizer bottle in your pocket to keep your hands clean and safe. This would permit people present in the area to clean their hands occasionally when they go about their work, and it even stops the spread of germs inside and outside of it.


Keep your kids safe and healthy with hand sanitizers. 

You would be on the same page that kids lack patience when talking about maintaining proper hygiene. Now, kids would always like to bring out a bottle of sanitizer from their school bag, handbag, or pocket and clean up both their hands to some extent. Of course, the soaps are the perfect way of cleaning the hands. But you already know that it is not always possible to have soap and water all the time. In such times, hand sanitizer becomes a perfect soldier against germs and bacteria.


For example, if you tell your kids that whenever they shake hands with fellow children in the school or coaching or at play, they must clean up their hands with that tiny hand sanitizer bottle. You can say to them that it is a game, and they will win only if they keep on cleaning their hands recurrently with the sanitizer. In this manner, they will keep their hands clean and safe. They can easily clean up their hands now and then, even when they do not have quick access to any soap. Of course, your kids might find it too demanding or tedious to go to the washroom now and then to wash their hands. They find it annoying and might not even bother to clean up their hands. On the other side, if you have kept a hand sanitizer in their pocket, they would clean up their hands whenever the need be. They would not feel hesitant at all.


Cease the Spread of Microorganisms and germs 

If you follow the research, 1 one in five individuals doesn’t regularly wash their hands. Out of these individuals who do, seventy percent don’t use soap.


The thing is that once you keep the hand sanitizers in kitchens and bathrooms, you may be sure that more and more folks use them. Of course, nobody would mind cleaning up their hands, whether a school, an institution, bank, hospital, office, or even any other place, once there is a sanitizer resting on the desk or the shelf. It is all about convincing the people to clean up their hands. And even better, in case the sanitizer is lying therein is alcohol-based, you can be double sure that there will not remain any germs on your skin at all.


Similarly, you should ensure that you have sanitized your hands when you eat anything. You cannot just put your hands in your mouth to take something. Come on, in case there are germs in your area, your hands will get them in no time, and your hands carry the germs to your mouth and then finally to that of your body. When your hands are clean and hygienic, you can be confident that you take everything in your mouth with neat hands.


Why should you choose Alcohol Sanitizers?

Well, many people choose to go for alcohol-based sanitizers. For this reason, that alcohol is something that kills the germs in no time, and there are diverse dangerous infections that can be easily kept at a bay when your hands are cleaned up with an excellent alcohol-based sanitizer. You might ensure that your hands remain absolutely safe, clean, and even hygienic. More and more folks are using these sanitizers because they believe that these items work effectively and safely for them. Once you start using these hand sanitizers with alcohol, you will find the best experience, and you might start vouching for them.



Since you know much about the effectiveness and need of hand sanitizers in your life, make sure that you get yourself the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer from No Scars and start using it in your day-to-day life.



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