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We all know that the whole world is suffering from a global pandemic that is not ready to stop anyway. The Covid-19 is not letting us our regular lives because it keeps on mutating and becoming stronger every time. But to keep ourselves away from this deadly virus and other infections, we need to promote the habit of hand hygiene. So many factors contribute to and make us infected with this virus. But still, there are precautions with which we can save ourselves.


We all must wear masks, maintain social distance, and wash our hands properly. But what if the water and soap are not available all the time everywhere? What will we do? The answer is to switch to hand sanitizers in this. Hand sanitizers have come up as a life saviour for all of us, and they protect us from being infected by killing germs, bacteria, and viruses whenever our hands contact them. There is a need to pay relevance to hand sanitizers at all places and in all conditions. Together, we can contribute a lot to our surroundings and save the people around us.


So, if you are looking for the best hand sanitizer in India, then your search stops at No Scars. It offers the best go-to solution with the immunity booster hand sanitizers, and they are portable and can be placed anywhere. We all should have our hand sanitizer with us whenever we step out to use it whenever we need it. It is essential to understand the virus’s mechanism to enter our bodies, and our hands are the most used body parts to touch, hold, eat, write, etc.


That is why it always becomes the most accessible medium for the virus to enter our bodies. By keeping our hands clean, we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. There are two critical situations that we need to understand that are:


  • Preferring washing hands: If you think of quitting washing hands and want to rely on hand sanitizers, this is not a good option. Hand sanitizing should not be perfectly substituted with hand washing. If you can easily wash your hands with soap and water as both are available, you must go for hand washing only. After eating food, before eating, after going to the bathroom, etc., are the essential scenarios in which only hand washing is preferred and not hand sanitizing. It works more effectively by removing all the contaminated substances from your hands to make you sick. So, this means you must prefer washing your hands if:
  1. The water and soap are available: If both these are available, you must wash your hands properly using soap. It will be a better choice to opt for.
  2. When hands are greasy: If your hands are greasy, you must go for hand washing only. Hand sanitizing is not going to help in this case. It cannot remove the grease from your hands as it can only kill the germs. So, I prefer hand washing in this situation.
  3. After using the washroom: After using the washroom, you must try to wash your hands and not sanitize them. Washing hands with soap and water will help in this situation.
  4. Before eating food: As we all know, we should not swallow sanitizer, and that is why before eating food, we must prefer washing hands. Using hand sanitizer in this situation is not a good choice as there are chances that if the hand sanitizer is not dried completely, we can swallow it by chance. So, to avoid this situation wash your hands before eating food.
  • Prefer hand sanitizing: We cannot wash hands every time, and we all know this, and earlier what we were doing is skipping doing anything. But now, we can sanitize our hands if we do not wash our hands. Choose alcohol hand sanitizer to sanitize hands. In the below-listed situations, you must prefer sanitizing your hands:
  1. After touching any surface: So if your hands have come in contact with the infected or most touched surface, then you must immediately sanitize your hands. Before touching any body parts like nose, eyes, mouth, cheeks, etc., you must sanitize your hands.
  2. In healthcare centres or hospitals: You must prefer sanitizing your hands if you are in this sector. As we all know, people engage in this work check and examine the patients and files back to back, which is why they cannot miss sanitizing. So, prefer sanitizing your hands as we cannot rush to the washroom every time after coming in contact with the same.
  3. In public places: The hand sanitizers in dispensers should be present at every public space so that the people coming therein can use them. The public or crowded places become the major hotspot to make people infected. To improve people’s safety, we must make hand sanitizers available.
  4. In public transport: While travelling, we cannot wash our hands again and again and that’s why sanitizers should be used. Sanitizers should be mandatory in public transport like railway stations, trains, aeroplanes, and buses. We can easily sanitize our hands by using our own or available hand sanitizer to avoid infections.
  5. Before entering any place: The hand sanitizing ritual should be performed at the entry gate to avoid the transmission of this virus. That is why the sanitizers are always placed at the entry. You must sanitize your hands before entering anywhere. Whether it is an office, temple, grocery store, or mall, the sanitizers should be there on entry.


If we talk about the effectiveness of which method of cleaning hands, then washing hands always tops the list but sanitizing is the perfect alternative if we cannot go for washing hands. They are equally effective and helpful in stopping the transmission and other infections, and they can save us from being sick so often; that is why they are magical. No Scars offer the best sanitizer in India on which we can rely. They not only kill the germs and viruses, but they also boost the safety of our hands by not attacking them.


It helps keep your hands softer even after many uses, which is why they are the best option to go for. No Scars hand sanitizer is also known as the immunity-boosting hand sanitizer that helps in many ways. This means our best go-to option in keeping our hands clean is only No Scars. Many other hand sanitizers are available, but No Scars is the best among them all. Because it contains the standardized alcoholic content that should be there in every sanitizer, it is made with the best ingredients that do not harm our hands.


So, now it’s time to promote your hand hygiene by choosing No Scars hand sanitizer to clean and sanitize your hands anytime and anywhere without any worries, so go for it.



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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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