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The global pandemic has hit people around the globe. It made our lives so changed that we adapted to a new normal. The spread of the virus was so quick that we can’t even imagine it. That is why it infected so many people around the globe. But few norms helped us tacking this situation and save the people around us. These are social distancing, masks, vaccination, and applying hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are not less than magic in reducing the spread of this deadly virus.


But when we look deep into this, hand sanitizers are saving us from the virus, but they are even helping us keep away from germs and joint infections. On the other hand, it is always suggested to wash your hands with water and soap as it will take twenty to thirty seconds for the same. But in case you are not having these, you must use sanitizers. But the risk of the virus as well as of the infections is not only for adults but is for children as well.


We also need to save them from all this as they do not even have this robust immunity system to fight that. For this purpose, you must use the best hand sanitizer for babies in India. For the babies, you must prefer only No scars hand rub. But it is essential to keep the hand sanitizer out of reach from your kids. There are many risks associated with making it compulsory to keep your kids away from this, and some of them are:


  • Risk of swallowing the sanitizer: The babies don’t know what exactly hand sanitizers are, and they are too small to be taught about this. There is a risk that they can swallow the sanitizer, which can be very dangerous. To avoid this situation from happening, it is said that we must keep the sanitizers away from our kids.
  • The risk associated with the contact of sanitizer and eyes: Not only from the month, but you must keep the sanitizers outreach from your kids as they can squirt into their eyes. The sanitizer is very dangerous for some parts of our body, especially our kids. There is a risk that they can touch their eyes immediately with the sanitizer or squirt it in.
  • Risk of not rubbing it properly: As your kids do not understand the proper method of rubbing the sanitizer and they can leave the sanitizer unabsorbed on their hands. It is essential to make the sanitizer absorbed in your skin effectively. Otherwise, there is a risk of touching eatables with the sanitizer and swallowing them.
  • Need supervision for the same: The kids of 5 years or above need supervision when they use hand sanitizers. As a guardian, you must be there to see how your kids use the hand sanitizer. You must teach them the best way to use the hand sanitizer, but still, you need to supervise them when they use it.
  • Not knowing the type of alcohol: As we are not aware of the type of alcohol used in hand sanitizer, we cannot let our kids or babies use them alone. Different alcoholic content has various symptoms that we can face in case of its wrong use. Still, the label makes us aware of the type of alcohol used, but we cannot still trust it completely. So, that is why you need to keep an eye on your kids so that they don’t use or swallow it.


These risks are associated with this, so the parents need to be extra careful when they let their kids use the sanitizers. There is a piece of advice for the parents that they should consider. These are:


  • Know the proper quantity to pour: You must know that the right-sized sanitizer should be poured on your own or your kids’ hands. Make sure you put only the required quantity of the sanitizer that will be able to kill the germs.
  • Make sure the hands are dry: The following tip regarding this is to make sure the hands-on in which you will pour the sanitizer is dry. You must avoid putting it on the wet hands or completely dry the hands before use.
  • Keeping it out of reach from your kids: If you have taught your kids how to use sanitizer or other basics, you must keep it out of their reach. The kids or the babies are always attracted to the small packaging, smell, or color they see. That is why you should never ignore this.
  • Please keep it away from pets, too: Not only the kids, but it must be away from pets too. You cannot teach your pets about this, and it is dangerous for them too if swallowed. So, could you keep it away from them also?
  • Supervise the kids when they use: When your kids or toddlers are using the hand sanitizer, you must be there to supervise them. If you are not available, then let the other one supervise them.
  • Never allow them to put sanitizer in their mouth: You need to be very careful that your kids or anyone should not put it in their mouth. It can cause poisoning even if they just swallowed the tiny amount of the sanitizer, so be careful.
  • Avoid the contact of eyes and sanitizer: You must check that your kids do not put wet, sanitized hands directly on their eyes. It can be dangerous too and can cause many problems or infections. So, teach them to rub their hands till they feel the completely dry hands.
  • Supervise that they did not lick their hands: Kids often have the habit of putting fingers or hands in their mouth. When you have just applied the sanitizer, they do not lick or put the sanitizer in their mouth. Let their hands completely dry under your supervision so that you can avoid every risk.


So, this helpful advice can help you keep your kids safe and make the best possible use of hand sanitizers. It is advisable to use the No scars alcohol-based sanitizer, perfect for all age groups. The best thing about this sanitizer is that it does not make your hands itchy or flaky, and it helps keep them as soft as they were earlier before the use. It is not have added smell and instead focuses on saving us from being infected.


It is the perfect go-to hand rub for all those concerned with their hand hygiene. This means promoting hand hygiene becomes easy with this hand sanitizer. You can keep these sanitizers in your pocket, at offices, in a public places, in public transport, and anywhere you want. It’s time to be very concerned with your health so that we can live a happy and healthy life.



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