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The global pandemic is still not settling up and allows us to live our old everyday lives. We all have adopted the new normal to save ourselves from this deadly virus. Most people are now catching the virus, and there is a huge need to protect your family from it. If someone in our home is affected with the Covid-19, what we all should do as one person from the family will be in continuous touch with the infected person to deliver medicines, food, etc. So, in this case, the only thing that can protect us is continuous hand washing.


Only hand washing can help us in this entire scenario, but we also need to use hand sanitizers. Sometimes hand sanitizers come up as the best life saviours and the best alternative for hand washing. We cannot wash everything, and sanitizing things and hands will surely help. The hand hygiene procedure should not be adopted only after getting infected, but we can save ourselves by following this beforehand. Every day we meet people, touch things, and come in contact with many surfaces, and in all this, we all should keep handy is hand sanitizers.


The alcohol hand sanitizer should be our best go-to thing that we cannot miss in case. Many people believe that hand sanitizer is the best or suitable for them, and they can go any hand sanitizer. But this is not true. Not all hand sanitizers are effective. There are a few points to notice or consider while choosing an effective hand sanitizer for yourself. These are:


  • Only alcohol-based sanitizers: One of the most important things that we all should know about hand sanitizers is that alcohol-based sanitizers are considered the best. If you want to use the most effective sanitizers to kill germs and viruses, then alcohol-based are the ones to always go for. No other sanitizer can help that much more effective than an alcohol-based can do.


There is a prescribed alcoholic content that must be present in every hand sanitizer to make it effective, and the absence of that much content of alcohol will not make it effective. So, never go below the sixty percent alcoholic content in any case.


  • Not the self-made, please: If you are concerned with hand hygiene and are trying to go for the self-made hand sanitizers, you must be ready to say a big no to use them. It would help if you avoided making your sanitizers as your own cannot meet the standards that should be there in a sanitizer. Failing to do this will not help in killing the germs or viruses. Instead, we will create another mess in creating our sanitizer. So, if you have an idea of doing that, you must quit it now.
  • Go for any gel or liquid form: We all know that sanitizers are also available in gel or liquid form. Here we are talking about the sanitizer’s effectiveness, and the form of sanitizer does not affect its effectiveness. So, either you have gel-based sanitizers or liquid ones; both are effective. One thing that should be there in two is the alcoholic content.
  • Can go for both scented and non-scented: Your hand sanitizer may or may not have a fragrance. It depends on the manufacturer how he will make or create the sanitizers. They can go for the scented or non-scented ones. So, if the sanitizer has alcoholic content, then other things like smell or odour do not matter here. So, this means you can go for any of it it’s your choice.
  • Go for softer and skin-friendly sanitizers: Not all hand sanitizers are skin-friendly; instead, they can give you dry hands. So, if you are also using any sanitizer and making your hands dry, you must stop using it. The sanitizers that are making your hands dry and flaky contain chemicals harming your hands. But some sanitizers are very skin-friendly and can be used as many times as you want without affecting your hands, especially with No Scars.
  • Immunity booster hand sanitizers: The No Scars offer immunity booster hand sanitizers that are safe for our hands. This means you can use this hand sanitizer without having any second thought. They are an immunity booster for your hands. They will never make your hands dry or flaky, or hard. They are specially designed to keep your hands safe and healthy. So get the softer and safer hands with the No Scars hand sanitizer.


So, all these points should be kept n mind always to choose the effective hand sanitizer for our hands. We all should know the right time to use hand sanitizer. So, the below discussed are the right scenarios where we should or shouldn’t use hand sanitizers.


  • When not near the water and soap: So, in case you cannot wash your hands, the only alternative to follow is to sanitize your hands. It would help if you used No Scars alcohol-based sanitizer so that you can kill the germs or anything on your hands.
  • Not to use when hands are dirty: You must avoid using hand sanitizer when you can see the soil or dirt on your hands. The hand sanitizer is meant to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, etc., and not clean the dirt or soil. So, in case your hands are dirty, go for washing your hands instead of hand sanitizing it.
  • Not for greasy hands: Hand sanitizers are also not meant for greasy hands. If the grease is struck on your hands, you should wash your hands with soap and water and avoid using hand sanitizer.
  • While travelling: You cannot wash your hands while onboard, on the train, or on the bus. In this case, I prefer only hand sanitizing. It would help if you kept your hand sanitizer handy to use it anytime.


No Scars will always top the list if you look for the best hand sanitizers’ brands in India. They offer the best sanitizer, most notably an alcohol-based sanitizer. One best thing about this sanitizer are that it is skin-friendly, which means you don’t have to worry about dryness or flakiness when using it.


Those sanitizers that are skin-friendly can be used end number of times as you will not face any issues while using them. No Scars also offer other skin-friendly products that should be added to your skincare regime, like No Scars face wash, soap, face cream, etc. Most of the time, we are concerned with our hand’s health, and that is why we consider many things before using hand sanitizer many a time. But when you are using No Scars hand sanitizer with the perfect alcoholic content, you don’t have to think of your hands.


It will keep them safe and softer than ever no matter how much time you use it. So, promote the new regular hand hygiene routine to create a safe environment.



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