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We all assume that we are healthy and whatever we are doing is towards a healthy lifestyle only. But there is a need to sit back and ask yourself a question do you even know the meaning of a healthy life? Most of us will say yes and have many different definitions of it. But one standard definition is away from all the health issues or sicknesses. It is not easy to save ourselves from every health concern because it will take a lot of effort, but we can start with this if we are willing. 


Hands contribute a lot to keeping us healthy or sick, so we need to keep a more check on them. We all assume that our hands are clean as we did not touch anything dirty, but our hands are still dirty most of the time. They are body part which is highly interactive and in use all the time. We make continuous use of it, which is why it is infected most of the time. But we cannot wash our hands all the time. We will all spend half of our day in washrooms if we start doing this. That is why hand sanitisers are made. They come as a saviour. 


A considerable debate of all time: soap vs sanitisers

This is the biggest issue that keeps us thinking about it. The soaps and hand sanitisers are both meant to clean your hands so that you can keep them germ-free. But to wash your hands with soap, you need water and drainage where you can easily wash your hands. But the possibility is significantly less that soap and water will be available everywhere. That is why sanitisers are invented. They offer us the most convenient to keep our hands free from every type of dirt, germs, and other infections. 


In case you are still thinking about what to use, then you must know that in certain conditions, you cannot use sanitisers. You only have to wash your hands with water and soap. The following are some of them-


  1. In case of greasy hands: If your hands are greasy, don’t you ever try to use sanitisers to clear that grease. Instead, it will spill the grease all over your hands. Use water and soap to rinse the grease from your hands in this situation. 
  2. Hands covered with mud or sand: In case your hands are covered with mud or sand, don’t try to use sanitisers. The sanitisers are to kill the germs and not to clean the sand or mud from your hands. Use water and soap to remove the mud and sand from your hands. 
  3. When hands are already wet: When your hands are already wet, skip using hand sanitisers in this situation. Soap and water will be the best option to go for. 


The hand sanitisers are perfect- know why

So, many of us have questions relating to hand sanitisers. We may assume that only washing hands with water can work. But washing hands along with the water will not work, and you have to use soap along to get your hands germs-free. Hand sanitisers are made with an alcoholic content that helps kill germs and viruses from our hands. 


Hand sanitisers help kill viruses or bacteria from our hands in just seconds. Just by rubbing the sanitisers, we will be able to clean our hands. The priority of everyone should be washing hands with water and soap. But in case they are not available or are taking time, then prefer hand sanitisers. No scars offer the best alcohol-based hand sanitizers that helps us keep everything sorted. We can keep our surroundings safe with these hand sanitisers. The part of these is they come at the most affordable prices and with the best packaging. 

Using it in the best possible way- know how?

We can make the best use of hand sanitisers if we properly use them. We must understand how, when, and where to use hand sanitisers. When using it, you must pour the correct quantity of the hand sanitiser; don’t pour over sanitiser on your hands. Please don’t go for the lesser one as it will not help you get your hands free from the impurities. Instead, pour the quantity that can cover your hands complete. 


One more thing deciding on the effectiveness of the sanitisers is you must rub it so well that it gets absorbed in your skin entirely. This means that hand sanitisers can only work correctly if appropriately absorbed. For this, you must keep on rubbing your hands. Also, let your hands dry out entirely to work so well. The alcohol-based sanitisers are more effective than the other ones because the alcohol in the sanitisers makes it instantly and better. 


Various hand sanitisers are available around us

Hand sanitisers are available for almost every brand on the market, and the best part is they are not available in one form but instead in many forms. So, here are some of the forms you should try. 


  • Sanitising wipes: Hand sanitiser wipes are also available to keep our hands free from germs. The wipes are preferred for those who do not want to risk sanitiser spilling into their pocket. The wipes are the same effect as the sanitiser. You can use wipes just as a handkerchief to dry your hands. With these wipes, you can clean off the dirt and germs from your hands. 
  • Liquid hand sanitisers: Liquid hand sanitisers are also types where the water-type liquid is used to kill the germs. Liquid hand sanitisers are preferred in the areas where hand sanitisers are required in bulk. For example, in public areas, grocery stores, malls, etc. You can put the liquid hand sanitiser in the dispenser and use it anytime. 
  • Gel-based hand sanitisers: The following form of hand sanitiser is gel-based, and this is one of the most common hand sanitiser types. This hand sanitiser is in gel form, which is not so solid and not so liquid. It is common and is preferred by all. You can use gel-based hand sanitisers for cleaning your hands anytime. 
  • The spray sanitisers: The spray hand sanitisers and a spray disinfectant are also readily available. Suppose you want to sanitise any surface, any item like table, door handles, corners, etc. You can use spray sanitisers. The spray disinfectants are available, which are substitutes for the sanitisers on the surfaces. You can use it on any hard surface to make it germ-free and viruses. During the pandemic, spray sanitisers are used in malls and cinema halls to disinfect the sitting area, most-touched surfaces, etc. 


So, these above-discussed are the common sanitisers type available, and we can consider them. 


No scars also offer other skincare products like face wash, soap, and face cream. You can use these products in a row in your daily skincare routine, and they help treat various skin-related issues like acne, scars, pigmentation, etc. No scars offer the best hand sanitiser in India, which we can easily trust. The best thing about this hand sanitiser is that we can use it as many times as we want as it will not make our hands or skin dry. 


Most hand sanitisers make the hands dry, so we think a lot before using them. But No scars keep our hands soft as the sanitiser is not hard on our hands, and instead it is very gentle on our hands that won’t make our hand skin flaky or itchy. The hand sanitiser by No scars is even known for immunity boosting. It is best for hands as even after cleaning the germs and other viruses from our hands, it never hurts them. 


You can put the No scars hand sanitisers in offices, schools, and public places and carry them with you every day to use them anytime you need them. 


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About No Scars

No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectation and help in living a better life.

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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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