Face WashWhat can you do to get rid of Your Face Acne Scars?

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Dead cells drop from your skin regularly coupled with the oil secreted by the greasy glands, which may block the pores. Hence, it causes inflammation, and this inflammation that results in multiple pimples and zits is called acne.


Once the acne heals, it may do irreparable damage by leaving behind some scar tissue that results in acne scars. These scars are unappealing and may cause social anxiety and trigger problems with your self-esteem. The good news is that you can use products like the best scar facewash for your clean and scar-free face. Other than good products like these, there are even home remedies that you may want to try. Some of the manners in which you can get rid of these scars are using these natural home remedies conveniently available at home. But before that, it is good to know how often you should use a product like a face wash for experiencing some relief from your condition.


Face wash: the Use 

Once you use a good face wash specifically for your acne scars, you get relief within a week or so. The coolest thing is that face washes are as per your skin type—for example, a face wash for oily skin to get rid of acne scars. You can check out the variety in the realm of the No Scars brand for the best products.


Moreover, having a good face wash is not enough if you are not using it regularly. You need to ensure that you make it a part of your regime. Once you use the face wash every day that too two main times, you would begin to see some changes for better within a few days. It would help if you washed your face in the morning when you wake up with the face wash. It is because it is the time when your face is crowded with so many germs and particles. Since you sleep at night, some bacteria and germs gather on your face and hair oil, and everything tosses on your face. And if you do not clean them up in the morning, you give time to the germs to stay longer on your face and hence, dirty face. It leads to acne and scars.


Secondly, you should make it a practice to go to the best with your clean face. Once you go to sleep after washing your face with a good face wash, you will be sure that you are not taking any germs, pollutants, and dirty particles along to the bed. Hence, you would thwart any germs that otherwise would have crawled on your face throughout the night.


Home Remedies for Acne Scars 

Of course, there are always some or the other home items that may work for your skin. Once you use them rightly and in the right way, you will see they work as a remedy for your skin condition. Keep on walking through the points below for knowing a few of the ways to clean up your skin naturally.


Baking Soda 

This is a very effective and good remedy for removing acne scars as it boosts shedding and thus the growth of new skin. Blend up two to three teaspoons of baking soda and then mix them into a paste with an equal quantity of water. Apply this paste for two to three minutes before thoroughly washing your face. Ensure it does not stay on your skin for more than six to eight minutes, as its chemicals could harm or damage your skin. Remember, once you do it properly, you will see the results.


Coconut oil 

It is a beautiful remedy to help your skin recuperate from acne scars or pimples. Take a dollop of coconut oil and then rub it gently on your scars. But you know what, you need to do it with your light hands and do not put much pressure on your skin. Next, give it at least thirty minutes to get absorbed inside the skin. Then in case there is huge oil left on your face, wash off it with a mild face wash.


Egg whites 

Now, if you eat eggs, it would not be a problem for you to use eggs for your skin. Egg works as home remedies to eradicate acne scars effectively. The proteins and amino acids inside the egg whites can boost the development of new skin and powerfully treat your acne scars. Just whip up egg whites in a small bowl and then apply it with your fingers on the affected areas. It would help if you allowed it to dry for some time and then washed it off with lukewarm water. Once you do this thing two to three times a week, it will bring effective results in a couple of weeks.


Aloe vera 

It is one of the most acceptable ways to eradicate your pimple marks using aloe vera herbs. This natural type of remedy assists in treating not only your acne scars but even that of many other skin conditions. Just get aloe leaves and snap one end of the leaf to expose some of the gel inside it. Then apply the gel to your affected areas. Wait for thirty minutes, and then wash your face with a mild face wash and water. You would not need to do anything, and once you do it regularly, you will see the results for yourself.


Fenugreek or Methi 

Another powerful item in the list of home remedies for your acne marks is Methi seeds. It has been an excellent remedy in treating your acne scars for a long time. Once properly boiled in water and then made into a paste or glue, Methi seeds can be very effective for a few weeks once applied to the impacted areas. Once you use it regularly, you will see the magical results within a few days and weeks.


Lemon juice 

Ah, one of the excellent home remedies for acne scars or even that of pimple marks it is. Lemon juice aids in fighting the growth of new acne on the face. Use a few tablespoons of lemon juice, and then apply it to the scars with a soft cotton ball. You need to keep it like that for a few minutes before washing it off.


Potato slices 

Now, you need to use potato slices. Slice up thin slices of potato and then apply them to the face by gluing them onto your skin. Keep them there for a minimum of half an hour, and then wash them off with warm water. It would help if you did it once a day for some days unless you begin to see the results.



Along with the best scar facewash from No Scars, these discussed home remedies could be excellent for your skin. You must not miss out on them!


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