hand sanitizerWhy Should You Install Hand Sanitizers in Your Office?

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Proper and thorough handwashing is necessary to save your health and avert the spread of illness, specifically during the cold and flu season. Unfortunately, the appalling truth is that ninety-five percent of people fail to wash their hands long enough to kill and remove all of the germs after going to their restroom. You know what, a third of people don’t even use any soap. It is regrettable and miserable.


If you think that there is nothing much you can do, you are mistaken. You can ensure that you keep yourself and the people in your office or workplace place safe. And one thing that can be done right away is introducing hand sanitizers. You can even use an excellent alcohol-based sanitizer and ensure that everyone in your office uses it regularly to ensure safety and hygiene.


Come on; the workplace is where most of you spend forty-plus hours a week. You do stay surrounded by a whole team of different people. For some, more of your time gets spent at the office, with co-workers, than at home with family. Though you may be focusing on the exchange of goods or services, you might not be aware of the distribution of germs. Of course, you could be sharing germs. And it is not needed to explain that when one person falls sick in the office, all other colleagues get it. But the important thing is that the office should not be a place to get sick or even seriously ill. It is a play to work and that too without compromising on your health.


Germs are all over the place. 

If you feel that your office is air-conditioned, there is not a single wrapper on the floor, and everything is clean, you are simply thinking too less. There are so many germs that are too micro to be noticed. Now, if you open the office door and touch the doorknob, right? Don’t you feel that there would be so many other employees who have also touched and used that knob? And who knows if someone who had touched the doorknob before you had just sneezed and touched with the same hands? Germs are always sitting on the doors, desks, keyboards, coffee machines, and more. It is the employees who need to work on staying safe.


Wash your hands after short intervals: is it practical all the time?

It could sound simple to you; however, clean hands save lives. But the point is how clean hands make a difference/ remember, when it comes to the workplace or office, hand hygiene has been turned out to be one of the most influential and impactful means of reducing germ transmissions.


Many people feel that it is too hard to go to the washroom now and then to wash their hands. For example, if you have just touched someone else’s computer mouse to do some update on the system, you cannot simply rush to the restroom to wash your hands. Then when you use the button to increase the AC temperature, you cannot again go to the washroom. It would be like spending more than half of your day in the washroom for this reason.


What should you do?

As per the World Health Organization (WHO), hand sanitizers are one of the finest tools available to avoid getting ill or sick and spreading germs. By placing Automatic or even Manual hand sanitizer across or throughout the office, you can boost and encourage employees to enhance their hand hygiene and make the office a healthier and better working environment.


The most acceptable way to remind your employees or customers to use hand sanitizer is simply by making it conveniently accessible. The most acceptable ways to place your hand sanitizer bottles or dispenser in your company or working place are:


– Entrances & Exits

– Employee desks

– `Cafeterias or food courts areas

– Conference and Meeting rooms

– High traffic areas in your workplace.


Once you keep the sanitizers in such areas of your office, you will do a good deed for yourself. Of course, your employees would be better products as they stay healthy and present in the office.


Why should you not miss hand sanitizers in the workplace?

Hand sanitizers are mainly helpful in offices and work environments because they can prevent the spread of infection and even diseases, ultimately lowering absenteeism and presenteeism. Illnesses and ailments increase the number of sick leaves taken by staff members or employees. By helping upkeeping employees’ health, employers are not just going to provide a safer and healthier work environment. Still, they will boost employee morale and motivate them to work better and harder. Of course, once the employees see that the employer has taken the pain for them, they would feel more motivated to work and loyal.


Similarly, offering useful leaflets, posters, internal newsletters, and information boards near dispensers with reminders to clean their hands will help employees take safety measures for themselves and their colleagues’ health. Employers can encompass educational seminars and meetings related to proper sanitation, hand hygiene, and general cleanliness. These events would make the employees understand the importance of improving their health and overall hygiene.


Employers and staff members have the chance to set the right example for their overall workers. Their values will boost and encourage the team and employees to follow sanitation guidelines and learn the significance of hand sanitizer. Employers should stock up on good hand hygiene products, mainly during times of disasters and flu seasons.

They can even encourage the employees to take sick leaves if they are extremely or severely ill to keep the germs away from other employees.


Moreover, employers even choose to keep a sanitizer bottle on every desk in some offices. In this way, there sits a sanitizer bottle at every desk in the working place, and hence, the employees can use it for sanitizing their hands instantly. For example, before an employee munches on a biscuit, they can quickly clean up the hands with the sanitizer if they are not willing to go to the washroom to wash the hands. Hence, there would be ease and better hand sanitizer usage to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.


What is the point if your employees are good at their work, dedicated, and capable, but they fall sick now and then? It would help if you eradicated such a thing by removing the base of such problems. Once you take a step towards ensuring a cleaner place and more hygienic place, you will be sure that your employees stay safe and healthy.



So, you can check out alcohol rub sanitizer and ensure that you keep it in the office or workplace. It would bring a transformation for your employees and enhance your business’s productivity. You can check different options in the hand sanitizers with and without alcohol with the No Scars brand.



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