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We all know that skin is the sensitive yet most significant part of our body, and it also acts as a shield on our skin that protects our internal body organs. There is a need to take proper care of our skin so that we do not harm it in any case. But we all know that due to its sensitivity, we may face many problems relating to it. We all know that the global pandemic has hit our lives harder, and we are still not back at our everyday life pace.


Things have changed; we are now extra conscious, and extra efforts are made to protect ourselves and the people around us. We need to practice some ways to save ourselves from the deadly virus, including keeping hand sanitising handy, washing hands so often, covering the nose and mouth with a face mask, keeping essential social distance, etc. With all this, we can fight against it and can protect ourselves. The use of hand sanitisers has increased as we cannot wash our hands every time. Our kids also need to use hand sanitisers, and that is why we have to find the best hand sanitiser for babies in India.


Hand sanitiser also has some ill effects that can harm our skin, and it can make our hands flaky due to its harsh ingredients. There is a need to find the right-hand sanitiser so that it does not cause adverse effects. There are the best ways of using hand sanitiser that we all must know. These are:


  • Opting for the best hand sanitiser: To start with anything, we must find the perfect hand sanitiser for our skin needs. There are many available around us, but No scars hand sanitiser should be your go-to choice every time. So, always choose No scars hand sanitiser as it is more practical, safe, and healthy for your hands. It does not cause any impact on our skin. Instead, it is a skin-boosting sanitiser.
  • Choosing between alcohol-based and non-alcohol-based: We may find sanitisers of almost both types, whereas the last one is not readily available. The alcohol-based hand sanitisers are only adequate. If you can choose from both, then always go for the alcohol-based only. The other ones are the least effective and are not that healthy for our skin.
  • Always putting the right size of sanitiser: The sanitiser must be used in the correct quantity if you want complete protection. If you are not pouring the right side of the hand sanitiser, you are missing something. So, always pour the correct quantity that is covering your hands properly. Going for a lesser amount will not give productive results, so avoid using this.
  • Keeping an eye on kids: When you allow the kids to use the sanitiser, you need to be extra careful. Always keeps your eye on the kids so that you can see how they are using. Try to pour and open the sanitiser on your own while letting the kids use it. Or it would help if you kept it outreach from your kids so that they don’t use it alone.
  • Keep it at the right temperature: If we want to retain the effectiveness of the sanitiser, then we must know where to put the sanitiser at. So, make sure you keep the sanitiser in a cool or dry place away from the direct sun rays. Many people keep the mouth of the sanitiser open as they are unaware that its effectiveness will go away if we do such things. We must keep the bottle mouth shut so that the sanitiser does not get any outer air or germs.
  • Keeping wet sanitiser away from your body organs: It takes time to absorb it in the skin, and we have to wait till it absorbs. If you touch your eyes with the unabsorbed sanitiser, it can be harmful. So, avoid touching your body parts until it gets absorbed in your skin. Avoid touching your nose as well.
  • Keep the inflammatory risks in your mind: As the alcohol-based sanitisers contain alcohol, it means they are highly inflammatory. Ensure not to touch anything exposed to heat while your sanitiser is on your skin and not absorbed. Keep the hands dry by rubbing them after sanitising to avoid the risk of inflammation in every case.
  • Using it for external purposes: The sanitiser is meant to be used on your external skin and nothing internal. Using it as not prescribed is very risky, and you must avoid it. The ingestion of the sanitiser is injurious to health no matters they are adults or babies. So, make sure you never swallow it in any case.
  • Not eating anything directly: One more thing to remember while using a hand sanitiser is not to eat immediately after pouring the sanitiser. Make sure you have rubbed your hands well and only then do you eat anything. Many people in a hurry try to skip this but always keep in mind that this can be very dangerous to your healthiness.
  • Avoid its excessive use: We all know excess of everything is terrible, even if it is a hand sanitiser. When we excessively use hand sanitiser, there are chances of harming our hands. You may feel the dryness on your hands without reason. It takes out the natural moisture from your skin and makes it dry. Even its excessive use can make your skin look flaky and dry. But this is not in all cases. If you are using the best alcohol-based hand sanitiser like No scars, there is no chance of getting your hands affected.


So, if taken care of, all these ways can give us the best possible results. No scars offer other skin-related products that you can add to your daily routine, like face wash with neem, soap for scars, and face cream for scars and pigmentation. The hand sanitiser by No scars is designed by keeping in mind the adverse effect of using excessive hand sanitiser on our skin, and the most helpful thing about it is that it does not harm your skin.


Rather it is known as the best go-to rubbing sanitiser that we all can use. It is also safe for your skin that no matter how many times you use it, your skin will remain the same. You can buy it in different available packaging that you feel comfortable with. Hand sanitisers, especially those made of alcohol, should be kept at every possible corner of the office, hospitals, schools, institutions, and public places where they need in abundance. So, keep your hands healthy by using No scars hand sanitiser for your soft hands. Hands have the softest skin that easily gets affected if something goes wrong.


So, quit using other hand sanitisers that keep you at risk of affecting your hands.



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About No Scars

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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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