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Nowadays, it is essential to understand the need to take care of your skin. Most of the time, we do not even consider our skin problems, assuming that they will go away on their own. But nothing like this even happens. Instead, it makes our skin problems even worse. Not considering your skin issues won’t help you get clear skin. So if we talk about the skin issues we are facing, then acne and its scars always come to the top. We ignore the one or two pimples thinking they will go away, but most of the time, the infection spills over the whole face and cause acne. 


Most of the acne will give you scars if you ignore them most of the time. Acne breakouts at first and scars at second happen most of the time. Our small habits or actions can make us face the scars. 


Acne scars look like red blisters. They can even cause pits in the skin that look like an injury on the face. Some of the types of Acne scars are as follows- 


1) Hypertrophic scars- We all know that blemishes and acne take time to heal, but they heal over time. After it heals, it gives us a mark or a scar commonly known as hypertrophic. It is mainly due to the higher collagen production in the skin layers, and it can also be found in the chest or back areas of our body. This means it is essential to consult the doctor before finalizing anything about the treatment. 

2) Atrophic acne scars- This acne scar is usually found on the face areas. Collagen production plays a very important for our skin and must be natural. Overproduction of collagen or underproduction is not suitable for our skin, and the lack or lower production of collagen may cause this type of scar.

3) Ice pick scars- This type is part of the atrophic scars only. They are not as common as other scars. It is most in V shape, which means they are in the depth of our skin. They need unique treatments as they are deeper in the skin layers. Make sure you try to treat them first when you see them avoiding inconvenience later. 


The above-discussed are the scar types that we must be aware of. They help us understand their nature so that we can treat them accordingly. So to treat the various scars, we have two options in total. One is to use the home treatments using easy ingredients or skincare products at home. The other one is the treatments that can be considered. Please take a look at the easy ways before starting with dermatologist treatments. 


*  No scars face cream– One of the best ways to treat the scars is to use the No scars face cream. It is meant to reduce the severity of the scars. You can also consult a doctor before using it if you have a sensitive type of skin.

It can help you treat your scars by lightening them. This means that we can get the solution with consistent use, and it is the best scar reducing cream we can use. 


Using retinoid- You may have heard about this word many times. Retinoids are commonly used in many products for your skin. From lotions to skin creams, retinoids are highly preferred. This means it works as a magic for our skin; you know why- 

– Helps in the regeneration of cells: The cells in our skin layers or our body keep on fluctuating. They increase or reduce overtime or due to many other factors. It is essential to have fast cell regeneration to repair our skin cells quickly. 

-Correcting uneven skin: Every skin is different, and so are the skin problems. The discolouration of the skin is nowadays widespread as our skin is prone to many external factors that make it look discoloured. The acne scars or pigmentation issues are also doing this. But retinoids can correct this skin condition and help us. 

– Best available treatment for atrophic: We have already discussed the atrophic type of scars, and if we talk about the benefit of retinoids, it is maximum in the case of this scar type. So, use retinoids or the products made from them to have all these advantages. 

Using vitamin C: This vitamin has a lot of benefits not only for our health but also for our skin. As it boosts our body’s immunity, it also speeds up the immunity of our skin. This vitamin also comes under the antioxidants category, and it can prove to be beneficial for your overall skin condition. It helps us get those dark spots lighter as and when we start using them. 

Protecting from skin damage: The skin can be damaged due to many factors or reasons that can be unavoidable. Still, we can manage them if we understand their ill effects later. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants that our skin needs. That is why it acts as a protective shield for our skin. 

-Try it for every scar type: Some scars need different treatment, whereas some scars can be treated with all these ingredients. This vitamin can treat almost every type of scar, including acne scars you are suffering with. 

Glycolic acid: The glycolic acid can also work well for our scars problem. This ingredient is also part of many scar-lightening creams, serums, and lotions. It helps us in the following ways-

-Reducing the pigmentation issue: We all know how weird and uncomfortable the pigmentation on the skin is. It looks like a skin allergy or scarring. Glycolic acid can help in treating the pigmentation issue. The hyperpigmentation also leaves marks behind, which is why this acid is known for lightening them. 

-Taking off the dead skill cells: The dead skin or the cells on our skin layers creates their mess. The dead skin cells must be removed from our skin so that they do not clog the pores of our skin tissues. This acid can help prevent those dead cells from clogging pores, and this is how it is helpful. 

-Lightening the scars: It also comes under the scar treatment as it helps in lightening those scars that are looking awkward on our skin.  

*Derma rolling: You may have heard about this treatment but not many times. The derma rolling is a technique that uses a roller that can be handheld and is used on your skin. It has needles of different lengths, which can be used as per our purpose. The roller is used on the skin, and specifically, shadow needles are preferred. But this process will take time, even in healing. You should not try this method without consulting the dermatologist, and only after their suggestion or guidance, you should try.


Trying the other easy ingredients to see the results- 

  1. Try honey for your skin: Honey is also one of the ingredients easily found in Indian kitchens. Honey is known to have properties that can heal a wound or other burns very quickly. You can also try this honey remedy for your skin scarring. It may reduce bacterial growth on your skin scarring and will help in lightening the scars. It can fight against the bacteria to stop its growth to prevent further acne. 
  2. Using Aloe Vera remedy: We all know that Aloe Vera, especially the fresh Aloe Vera gel, has many benefits for our skin. It is helpful from making it look radiant to helping us clear the scars. Not only for the scars, but it worked well for the pimple problem. The scars or acne can cause the problem of skin inflammation, and this ingredient can help us reduce the inflammation so that the acne or scars can be healed. Avoid using packed Aloe Vera. Instead, I prefer the fresh gel for better results. Massage your face with this herb to see the results, but it needs consistent use and not the one time. 
  3. The cucumber remedy: The cucumber remedy is another essential thing to try for the scars. They can be easily found and used without much effort. We all know that using cucumber slices on the eyes is too helpful for our eyes. It gives us a refreshing look and relaxes our eyes. You can try the cucumber slice remedy for the scars as well. It possesses Vitamin c, a, and others like magnesium which helps in reducing the scars. 


Other dermatologist’s unique treatments- 

If you cannot see the results with the use of the above treatments or ingredients, you can go for the other treatments for the acne scars. But the above-discussed treatments only need expert guidance before you begin, so keep this in mind. Following are some of them:


  1. Laser treatments- So laser therapy, also known as the repair laser technique, is used to treat acne scars. This treatment makes use of laser technology that helps in scar removal. Laser treatments are also used to treat pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, etc. That is why it is mandatory to consult the dermatologist well before. The laser technique is used for the scars, and it also helps in removing the skin damage used to sun exposure. It is not a painful treatment, but it may cost you more due to the latest technology.
  2. The dermal fillers: The dermal fillers are other scar treatments that can be preferred. The fillers or injections are used to plump your skin. The affected areas are filled to add volume to the skin. This treatment is mainly used to treat the atrophic scars that are limited to spread on the skin. If the scarring is spread mainly on the skin, this treatment may not help. 


To use any of these treatments, you must consult your dermatologist. Not all skin scarring needs treatments; some can be treated using scar reducing cream products only. Our skin may need some extra pampering when it is affected by scarring. No scars offer face cream that will help treat your scars. 


It would help if you gave the No scars cream a try to treat your skin issues quickly. Skin problems like acne and scars are complicated to be treated as once they make a home, they do not do away easily. You can also try other products like soap and neem face wash by No scars for the other skin issues. You need to use this cream more consistently if you want to see the results. Often, we rely on the advertisements that we see on the internet and do not even read about them carefully. We need to search for the skin products well before we use those products on our skin. Face cream by No scars can help us reduce the pigmentation effects on our skin. Also, it fights against acne so that the acne can be treated further. 


You must use simple home remedies like using Aloe Vera, honey, potato juice, cucumber slices or juice, etc., on your skin. Not only this, you must limit the use of makeup on acne-prone skin so that the infection cannot be scattered on your skin. No scars face cream is made with ingredients that can work well for your skin, and it can treat your scars, pigmentation, acne, dry skin, and other problems for your skin. So, make use of face cream for your skin issues. 


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About No Scars

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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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