hand sanitizerAlcohol Hand sanitizers: What should you know?

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Hand sanitizer is formed, especially with an amalgamation of some kinds of alcohol such as ethyl alcohol or even isopropyl. It even includes other moisturizing, gel-like ingredients like aloe or glycerol. The ingredients even include other ingredients like fragrances or colors. Despite the reality that alcohol is always used as an antiseptic, hand sanitizer was introduced to the world just a few decades ago. Alcohol is the main ingredient of much good quality hand sanitizer.


You can easily find an alcohol hand sanitizer that works wonderfully for you. You know, alcohol was used to sterilize wounds in many ancient and medieval cultures around the world. However, it didn’t scientifically proven until the year 1875, when L. Buchholtz carried out a test related to the antimicrobial activity of ethanol. He discovered that alcohol might remove the germs by a process known as cell lysis.


A hand sanitizer routine 

Hand sanitizer has been a necessary part of many people’s hygiene routines for so many years. Yet, the market for hand sanitizer has seen a significant boost during the pandemic of a coronavirus virus outbreak. When the COVID-19 pandemic came worldwide, hand sanitizer was the main thing to go missing from the shelves of markets. The point is the use of hand sanitizers is extended like anything.


Do hand sanitizers work on microorganisms and even Covid19 germs?

The active and prime ingredient in hand sanitizer is ethyl alcohol or isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. These ingredients remove and kill bacteria and viruses — including the coronavirus by melting their protein layer. But the ingredient alone is not enough: It even requires to be the correct strength. Ensure that you check the label to see if the product contains at least sixty percent alcohol or seventy percent isopropyl alcohol.


Remember that the alcohol content in the product should be high enough to kill the coronavirus or any other germs. If the hand sanitizers do not have the right amount of alcohol, the product will not disinfect.


Also, keep in mind that hand sanitizer is safe and effective when there’s no soap and water around you. However, whenever possible, you must opt for old-fashioned hand washing ways like water and soap.


What type of hand sanitizers to use?

You can always go for Rinse less alcohol-based hand sanitizer as it is general to use, easy, and mostly you can effectively find it. Though there is a correct way to use hand sanitizer to experience the utmost benefit from it, what’s likely more crucial is knowing when to use it may not be the finest move. Hand sanitizer can help you kill the microbes, but it is not always really effective on all kinds of germs and will do nothing for other kinds of substances that might be resting on your hands.


As per the laboratory studies and professionals, alcohol hand sanitizers formed up of 60% ethanol and seventy percent isopropanol are in a position to deactivate viruses genetically linked to COVID-19.


When You definitely should Use Sanitizer 

There are many instances when you should not miss out on using hand sanitizers. Keep on reading to know such times:


  • When you cannot simply wash with soap or water. There are always instances when you are on the go, traveling somewhere, running, or being in a place where there is hardly any water or soap. In such times, case you own a hand sanitizer in your pocket, you can be definite that your hands are clean and hygienic. You can be sure that you have disinfected your hands right away. The coolest thing is that you have the hand sanitizer in your pocket, and you pop it out to clean up your hands there and then!
  • Some other times in which a hand sanitizer might be appropriate and perfect include when you are simply riding public transportation, have shaken hands with someone or even touched an animal after you have touched any grocery cart, and similar times.
  • At times when you use public toilets or bathrooms, you feel that the soap gets used by manifold people. Now, if you want additional protection for your hands, it is a good practice to wash your hands with hand sanitizer when you have washed your hands with water and soap. Hence, you can be peaceful. After all, when you wash your hands with soap and touch the tap to close it, you touch the soap that is touched by different hands. Hence, you may feel unsure about the cleanliness of your hands again. Here, since your hand sanitizer is in your pocket and you use it and shut it, it ensures the cleanliness of your hands.


You know, you should be confident that you always have hand sanitizers. But at the same time, it is also crucial that you do not replace your general soap and water handwashing with sanitizers. Such hand sanitizers are great for an additional layer of protection or when you do not have water close.


Using hand sanitizer 

Once hand sanitizers work, their effectiveness and usefulness depend on various factors. In addition, to which product you use, they include:

  • Proper method or technique
  • How much you use
  • Consistency


Even though hand sanitizers are not perfect, they are still a great and dependable way to get rid of the coronavirus and other false germs and infections when you can’t wash your hands. It is good that you take care of your hygiene in this post-pandemic time. But make sure that you do not go out of practice after months or years.


How to Use the Hand Sanitizers rightly?

You need to place the recommended quantity of hand sanitizer in the palm of one hand. (You must ensure that you read the manufacturer’s directions.). Then you require to ensure that you rub your hands together, covering your entire hand, including between your fingers. Ensure that you stop rubbing in the hand sanitizer only once your skin is dehydrated.

Remember that hand sanitizer is designed to kill or eradicate germs and keep your hands sanitized. With proper use, hand sanitizers can eliminate ninety-nine-point nine percent of germs on the hands, and they can get used as an occasional replacement for soap and water.


And make sure that you never make an excuse to use it.

These hand sanitizers come in tiny, portable containers that make them easier to carry in the purse no matter where you go. It works effectively and perfectly when you go for a grab in public places or even outside. However, if you are using a hand sanitizer with alcohol, make sure that you keep it away from your kids and pets, which could be risky for them.



You can check out the best alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India and ensure that your hands are safe. And once your hands stay disinfected, your body stays safe and hygienic.


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