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People usually equate grey hair and laugh lines to old age. After all, as the skin grows older, it loses elasticity and shows fine lines and wrinkles. But sometimes, these visible signs of ageing have nothing at all to do with ageing at all. Other factors in lifestyle and environment can affect your physical appearance at a very young age, including poor diet, lack of sleep, and chronic stress. It’s not just in your head, but your daily habits may have more to do with those wrinkles in the mirror than you thought.

There are many products like No scars face wash for wrinkled skin to help manage them, but before that, one should completely understand the causes of wrinkles and premature ageing to deal with them.

Premature ageing and mindset

Whether we are ageing faster or slower, the mind plays an important role, and we can use the mind to help us speed up or decelerate the cycle. Happier people are people looking relatively younger. The younger your face will sound, the more you hold hope, happiness, and joy at the top of your priority list. Happier people are often found to live longer with minimal health complications.

Perpetual rage and depression may form in fine lines and deep wrinkles, and permanently dullness on the face. A happy face is devoid of wrinkled eyes because muscles spend more time in a relaxed state.

Smoking and drinking

We all know that it is not suitable for us to smoke and drink in excess. They lead to different kinds of health problems and deplete the necessary nutrients from our bodies. The skin needs a certain amount of hydration, collagen, elastin, and oxygen to look youthful and healthy. Smokers grow fine lines around the mouth, deeper wrinkles on the forehead, and develop bad teeth twice as likely. The whole body, including the facial skin, is deprived of enough oxygen, and over time the shape and look of a smoker’s face can be evident. Drinking too much alcohol can leave even permanent damages to the body and make your skin look dull.

Sun, cold, and moisture

Sun damage is the number-one cause of permanently damaged wrinkles and skin. The UV rays from the sun that are harmful can seriously exacerbate age spots and other forms of discolouration. A face profoundly wrinkled and rubbed like show leather that has spent years working on its tan. The ageing process can quickly be improved by blocking the rays of the sun.

A similar effect can be the spending of a lifetime in cold environments. The skin appears too thin not to create tighter skin, and wrinkles develop. The same result can be seen in people who have dry skin or less moisturized skin.


The effect food has on the body is one of the most commonly misunderstood ageing factors. You can consume foods that will help you maintain a younger body and make you age faster. Choosing a diet high in fats, carbohydrates, processed foods, and low in fresh fruits and vegetables produce a cool, in-house atmosphere that is anything but youthful.

Inflammatory foods such as refined sugar, white flour, and even unnecessary dairy products can easily cause inflammation in the body that adds to the ageing process. Such foods make the body “heavier” in feeling and appearance because the internal organs have inflammation. Apart from this, our bodies are not handling very well foods that are not in their natural form, which means that the organic degradation of nutrients is not put to good biological use.


Apart from the effects on the facial wrinkles of a worried face, tension affects everything from how we handle ourselves to our energy level. If we are stressed, it will directly reflect on our skin. Those filled with day-to-day pressures are not walking high and proud, like people who feel good about themselves. A certain amount of stress is good for us, although we should handle the stress that creates physical signs on the body pleasantly and relaxing manner.


Everything we eat and do reflects on our skin. We all make daily choices which either help the ageing process or hinder it. A sedentary lifestyle and no physical exercise also cause premature ageing and wrinkled skin.

The use of harsh chemicals on and around the body may contribute to ageing. Making choices that work instead of against your body can help to protect your skin.


Eat antioxidant-rich foods. They fight ageing from the inside out by minimizing cell damage, plus they’re high in fibre, low in saturated fat, and a good source of vitamins. Search for green veggies, bananas, Omega-3 (wild salmon), avocados, nuts or seeds, and berries. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water needs are indeed individual and can vary depending on your body weight, activity level, health status and outside temperature,

Protect yourself from the sun and cold. By applying daily sunscreen or an SPF moisturizer, protect your skin. If you’re going to be out for an extended period: wear a hat, sunglasses, and a long-sleeved shirt. Remember to stay hydrated.

Control the tobacco and alcohol intake and exercise at least twice a week helps to keep your skin alive. Always keep your face relaxed. Repeated facial movements such as squinting, frowning, or lip pursing will accelerate wrinkle formation.

Skin Care Regimen

No matter how busy your life is, it would be best not to ignore taking care of your skin. One such important routine is washing your face twice regularly. Whenever you go out and come back, you need to wash your face. The environment, pollution affects your skin so much, and when you don’t wash your face regularly, it can cause many issues like wrinkles, acne, dull spots, tan, etc.

You can use the best face wash for wrinkled skin from No Scars, which does a great job protecting the skin from many skin issues. No Scars face wash is an excellent solution as it exfoliates the skin and removes all the dead cells making your skin look young, fresh and preventing premature ageing and wrinkles. Washing your face and massaging it with facial wash granules enables blood flow in your face and makes your skin shine. It’s practical and relaxing as well.

Not only does face wash gets rid of dirt, but it also removes dead cells from the skin. Your face gets evenly pigmented with a natural glow. It is perfect for brightening the skin. No Scars face made of salicylic acid and aloe vera as its dominant ingredients, preventing acne, wrinkles and controlling oil. It also helps maintain the skin’s PH level and gives a smooth and soft skin surface.

Apart from making all the lifestyle changes, it would be best if you made efforts to protect your skin as it directly affects your confidence. Having clear skin directly improves your self–esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. Use the No Scars face wash twice daily to get better results.


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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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