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We all should know how important our life is so that we can make an effort to keep them safe. But most of the moment, we are just concerned with work and forget to take care of our health. Health is something that should always be on top whenever we talk about life. Sadly, this thing always fails, and we never pay attention to our health. A key to living a happier life is being concerned with a healthy life. If you are healthy, you can be satisfied; if you are not, you cannot. 

There is a need to diversify your priorities so that we can make some efforts to build a good healthy life ahead. But the global pandemic taught us a lot about being healthy. We never imagined how a virus could change our lives and will make us follow a new normal. It teaches us many lessons, including one we always learned about in childhood. That is the relevance of hand hygiene, as we all know how important it is to wash our hands thoroughly to protect them from germs, viruses, and other infections. 


There is immense importance of water and soap in our life to wash our hands as we can’t go without them. But often, we cannot find soap or water near us, and in this situation, what will we do? We can skip washing hands and then saying this can be wrong. The alcohol-based hand sanitiser comes as a rescue in this situation. We can use hand sanitiser when we do not have soap and water to wash our hands. But preference should be given to hand washing only. But if it is unavailable, we can easily skip to the hand sanitisers. 


They changed our lives a lot as they are helping us to live healthy life by keeping infections and germs at bay. The hand sanitiser, especially the one by No Scars, is the best we can use. The microbes can stay in our hand skin and make us sick and infected; that is why we need hand sanitizers for protection. They can destroy those microbes or viruses that are attached to our hands. 


When to choose hand sanitisers?

As we all know, handwashing is always a good idea, and we can never go wrong with it. But in some circumstances, it is not possible to practice hand washing, and in this, we need to make use of hand sanitisers. Some situations ask us to use hand sanitizers only, and some of them are:

  1. While traveling: Traveling is a part of our lives, and we cannot ignore hand hygiene while traveling. Even while traveling, we need to take care of this thing more. To avoid falling sick when we travel, we need to use hand sanitisers to save us. In this case, keeping a pocket-friendly hand sanitiser bottle will help. You can keep it in your travel bag and use it whenever you want. While traveling, you may need it multiple times, and feel free to use it. 
  2. While in public transport: So, if you also travel in public transport, you need to be extra careful. There are more chances of catching any infection or viruses if you are a public transport dependent. Our lives rely on them, and they even make our lives convenient, but we should keep our and others’ lives safe by using hand sanitizers wherever required. Even hand sanitisers were readily available in public places to stop or minimize the spread of Covid-19 and other infections. 


No matter which mode of transport you travel, you must keep the sanitizer ready so you can use it. For example, you need it by bus, train, and air travel. It would help if you used hand sanitiser whenever your hands or skin comes in contact with any infected surface. 

  1. In healthcare centers and hospitals: Hand sanitizers are essential in almost every place, especially the hospitals or clinics. There are more chances of infections when visiting hospitals or healthcare centers. Most people visiting these places are sick or infected, which is the most apparent reason. Even healthcare workers and doctors need this to keep themselves safe. They must be present there in a contactless dispenser, or we can also bring our one as well while visiting. This will reduce the chances of being sick or infected after coming in contact with an infected person or surface. 
  2. For the instant savior: If you touch or feel like your hands are not clean, you can use hand sanitizers for an instant reaction. You don’t have to wait for the handwashing resources to come; you can do this on an instant note. While traveling, before touching your face, after handshaking, there are so many situations that need instant use of sanitizers to protect us from infection. 
  3. In the grocery stores: So, we all know while purchasing groceries, we touch so many packings, items, carry bags, and objects carrying trolly, etc. All these things might be infected, and we need to sanitize our hands before touching our faces, eyes, or anything else. This will minimize and even avoid the spread of various infections. So, never miss the hand sanitisers when going for your grocery runs. Even grocery stores can place hand sanitizers for visitors at many store checks to ensure safety. For example, it must be at the entrance, the billing section, and the store’s exit. 


How is it helpful to us?

Many of us are still having many questions in our minds that relate to the trustworthiness of hand sanitisers. We are concerned with protecting our family and ourselves, which is why sometimes we doubt the most helpful things in our life. Sanitizers, primarily alcohol-based hand sanitizers, are known for killing the germs and microbes that can make us sick. This will work best for our skin and help us eliminate them as quickly as possible. The alcohol and other properties of the sanitizers are designed to help us with this. 

Know how to make effective use of them?

Most of us even want to know how we can make the best use of hand sanitisers. This is the most obvious question, and we all should know about this in advance. The most effective way of using it will cover some points that will allow us to be safer. Some of these points are:


  1. Pour it to cover your hand: If you think just a single drop of sanitizer can keep us safe, then you are wrong. You must know that we must put the desired amount of sanitizer on our hands to use it. If you pour more or too little on your palm, this will not be an effective way to use the sanitizer. So, always pour enough quantity of the sanitizer on your hands so that you can cover your hand in one go. It will be funnier if we pour the sanitizers, again and again, to cover or sanitize our hands, so we avoid making such mistakes. 
  2. Avoid over-rubbing your hands: You must know that over-rubbing hand sanitizer on your hands will not kill more germs than usual rubbing. So, please stop doing this, as it can irritate your skin more and cause skin itching. You only have to let the sanitizer absorb into your skin, which can be done with the help of a typical hand rub. So, avoid rubbing sanitizer. 
  3. Be careful when you buy: Many of us did not even try to learn much about hand sanitisers. We pick the one that we like or find fancy. Instead of this, we must try to find the most trustworthy brand that deals in sanitizers that we can choose. If you are already following No scars for your skin products, then you must know that they also offer hand sanitizers. This means they are the ones we always trust for our skin, and it’s time to upgrade our sanitizers. It never leaves any chance to impress us, which is why we can’t miss this. So, be careful when you buy hand sanitizers, and the next time you step out to purchase sanitizers, make sure you remember just one name, No Scars. 
  4. Look out for the alcoholic content: Many of us are already making mistakes while buying hand sanitizers, and it’s time to stop. We need to be more innovative, and more thoughtful work is trending nowadays. So, one thing we all should understand is that only alcohol-based sanitizers are the most effective and better ones. The acceptable alcoholic content that should be there in your sanitiser is above sixty percent. If your sanitizer has this, then you are doing good with your sanitizer and vice versa. Many of us try to buy non-alcoholic sanitizers without knowing the reason for not buying them. 
  5. Keep your toddlers away from it: Kids can understand the importance of hand sanitizers as the schools are also teaching the same thing. But the babies or toddlers who cannot know what we want to say should stay a little away from them. The primary reason behind this is that they are unaware of what it is, how to use it, what it does, etc. Keep the sanitizers away until you cannot teach your kids these things. 
  6. Be cautious while we use: There may be a situation when we do not even know where and how we touch our eyes, nose, or mouth with the sanitiser. There is a need to be extra cautious when we use sanitizers as, in some situations, unintentionally, we can make contact of it with our nose, eyes, mouth, etc., which can be dangerous as well. 
  7. Never try to swallow it: So, if you think swallowing the sanitizer is funny, you must know it is not. Swallowing the hand sanitisers in your mouth can be life-threatening and dangerous to our health. Make sure you never try this unintentionally or intentionally. 
  8. Please keep it away from the people with alcohol abuse: In case you know someone that is alcoholic, then you must avoid keeping the hand sanitizers near them. We never understand what is going on in their minds and always teach them cautious lessons on using. 


With these points, we can never go wrong with using hand sanitisers in our life. No scars offer the best hand sanitizer in India, and you can easily choose them. Other sanitizers are safe for our hands as they do not make them dry or itchy. They also boost our hands’ immunity so they can be protected. You can use the sanitizers any time and keep them in your pocket. They are pocket friendly and are life saviors. We should never compromise with our skin, and that is why we need to use suitable sanitizers on our hands. They are affordable, helpful, safe, and immunity boosters, so choose them for your hands. 


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