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So when it comes to talking about our normal lives after the pandemic, we all know nothing remains the same. Everything around has changed due to the pandemic as it has hit us so harder. We are not on the path of normal life since the global pandemic has affected us. We all know health is something that works as an ornament for us that is equal to assets. But still, if we try to put it in danger, then this is something which can be very harmful in the future.


There is a need to understand why and how hand hygiene can be promoted so that we can make efforts to do this. Most of us are just ignoring things and assuming things to become normal on our own. But it’s not true; we need to work on our lives to make them better by adopting some better habits for our betterment. The hands are the part of our body that come in contact with so many surfaces, microorganisms, eatables, dust, contact with people, and so on. This means they are the ones who are most affected if we do not wash them.


We meet people who are sick or infected, which increases the risk of catching any type of infection from their hands. The water and soap are no less than a wonder for our hands, and that is why they have become an integral part of our routine. We need to make use of water and soap to clean our hands. We can wash away germs and dust in order to keep ourselves safe. The major concern that is noticed here is not everywhere we could get water and soap to use. This means they are not everywhere; instead, we have to keep them with us, which sometimes becomes infeasible for us.


For this, hand sanitizers are invented, and now they are life saviours during this pandemic period. It does not save us from the risk of Covid-19 infections, but it also helps us to avoid some common infections. No Scars offer the best sanitizer in India that we can easily use on our hands. There are many important things relating to hand sanitizer which you must be aware of. The following are some of the points relating to this:


  • Killing germs from the hands: The sanitizers are used to keep ourselves away from the germs that can make us sick and infected. But we cannot stay away from the germs directly; rather, we just have to keep the arrangements ready so that we can kill the germs as soon as we get them. But most of the time, a little delay in keeping the germs away can make us infected. We need to be extra cautious if we want to be healthy and not the sick. Hand sanitizers are known for killing the germs from our hands which decreases the risk of infections and viruses.


  • Killing but not cleaning hands: One thing that we all should know about hand sanitizers is they are known for keeping germs away from our hands, but they do not clean. Yes, you heard it right. If you are having muddy hands or greasy ones, then you must avoid the use of sanitizers. They can kill the germs but cannot keep their hands clean. For cleaning our hands, we have to rely only on washing our hands with soap and water.



  • Backup not fully relies on the situation: So we all should know that we can make use of hand sanitizers in our daily routine, but we cannot fully rely on using them. This means they are the backup option we can use, but we should not make it a primary one. Hand sanitizers are very much useful, but excessive use of them is always avoided. They can be preferred as a backup but can never become our first choice. Because where there is water and soap, we must prefer washing our hands with it and in case we do not have them we can use sanitizers instead.


  • Available in varieties of options: Hand sanitizers are available in so many options. It includes the different flavours of hand sanitizers, colours, textures, etc. Even the hand sanitizers earlier were available in different colours, which make them attractive to the buyers. For example, orange-flavoured ones are orange in colour, and strawberry ones are red in colour, etc. But nowadays, we do not like these coloured sanitizers; we just focus on the quality.


  • Every brand tapped the market opportunity: During the pandemic, it was known by everybody that sanitizers are something that is largely required, and that is why they have captured the market. They just tap on the opportunity to manufacture the sanitizers so that they can earn at the right time. But one thing that they should always prefer is the quality of the sanitizers. No compromise should ever be made on the quality of the sanitizers so that we don’t risk our lives in order to focus on our profits. So, be wise to choose the most effective one by searching a lot on this. Web content is available on the internet, which helps us to make better decisions. No Scars is one of the brands offering hand sanitizers along with other skin products, but their main concern is always the quality, and that is why we rely on their products.


  • Find the difference between alcohol and non-alcohol based: We all know that hand sanitizers are available in two kinds, mainly non-alcohol based and alcohol-based. Their name suggests better about the difference between the two. The alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the most preferred and effective ones. They are the most relied type of hand sanitizers that are being used. The alcoholic content makes it super effective for use, and the most preferred percentage of it is from sixty percent to eighty percent. Most hand sanitizers have this content.


  • Using them in the best possible way: We all know that they can have the best results if we use them properly. You must know when and how to use hand sanitizers for your hands. Most people just apply the sanitizer in a hurry on their hands without knowing the right way of doing it. Our concern should not be limited to just hand sanitizers but also their best possible use. Make sure it is well absorbed in the skin so that it can work at its best.


Focusing on moisturizing hands as well-

We all know that alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain alcohol which can make our hands a little dry. Dry hands mean it can result in itchiness or flakes on the hands if not taken proper care of. That is why moisturizer is a must after you use the sanitizers. It does not mean you have to immediately apply the moisturizer to your hands; rather, you can apply it during the night or in the morning, etc.


In order to escape from this moisturizing responsibility, No Scars have come up with hand sanitizer, which is softer for our hands. This means it does not dry out our hands but rather balances the moisture levels in our skin layers so that even after the regular use of the sanitizer, we do not face any issues with our skin. This means we can use the No Scars rinse free hand sanitizer without any worries. Very few brands focus on making healthy sanitizers for our skin, as others are just in a hurry to produce more in quantity. So, you can use it anytime on your hands as they are very gentle.


Knowing about the expiry of the hand sanitizers-

We must know that hand sanitizers also come up with an expiry date that we must know. We can take the help of the label to find out when it is going to be expired. In case you have not read it yet, go and grab the bottle of the sanitizer and read it now. But in a few cases, the expiry date is not mentioned on the bottle of the sanitizer. In this case, it is assumed that the sanitizer will be expired after three years. This means they come with an average life of three years or the date of expiry, as mentioned on the label.


Shall we use an expired one or not?

The next question we all are having in our minds is whether to use the expired one or not. So it is very clear that we should never use expired products on our skin. They can also harm our skin, and that is why they are avoided. But in the case of hand sanitizers, the expired ones can be used, but they will not be as effective as they were earlier. This means the sanitizers lose their effectiveness over time. This is mainly due to the alcoholic content present in this as it evaporates over time and loses its effectiveness. Using an expired sanitizer is not a good idea because it may have any side effects on our skin. Especially for the ones having sensitive skin should avoid the expired one in every case.


Right disposing of the hand sanitizers-

We all know that hand sanitizers contain flammable substances that stop us from disposing of them normally. We must read some guidelines on the internet on how to dispose of it off so that we can avoid the risks associated with this. Flammable liquids are dangerous, and that is why they should not be kept anywhere.


Focusing on the hand wash part always-

We need to understand why hand washing is always topped when compared with hand sanitizers. Hand washing is always a good idea because it does not involve any risk. Neither can it make our hands dry, nor does it possess any flammable liquid. Hand washing should be followed everyday and the majority of the time. In case you can wash your hands, you must skip the use of sanitizer. In case hand washing cannot be practiced, you can rely on sanitizers. Here are better tips for the hand washing-


  1. Always use clean water- Even when you are in a hurry to wash your hands, you must use clean water only. The water can be at any temperature, say cold or hot, but it is meant to be clean. So, you can use clean water from the tap to wash your hands. Running water is preferred as it facilitates hand washing more.


  1. Clean soap is required- Make sure the soap you use for washing your hands is clean. Using soap is a little risky as it comes in touch with so many infected hands, and that is why liquid hand wash is preferred. They are poured into the soap dispenser or come in a separate disposing bottle that can be used. All we need is to press the bottleneck to get the soap, so this means it is safer. You can use liquid soap than other forms of soap to wash hands.


  1. Rub, rub, and rub: So rubbing is helpful in taking away germs or viruses from your hands. If you have not rubbed or scrubbed your hands, then hand washing cannot be that healthy. So, wait for some seconds and keep on rubbing your hand with liquid soap to wash away the germs or dirt.


So, with this, we can definitely win over the infections that make us sick. This habit of ours can keep us healthy and help us live a happy life too. You can use No Scars hand sanitizer, which is considered the best among all. It is also known for boosting the immunity of your hands. It is not harsh on your skin rather is more effective and gentler for our skin. This means we should keep a small packing of the hand sanitizer in our pocket so that we can use it anytime.


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