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We all know that the global pandemic has taught us many things that we were not bothered about earlier. Our health is our only wealth, but we still underestimate this statement and continue to behave as we wish. We all should understand that we should never put our health under compromise, which can lead to an unhealthy and unhappy life. Covid-19 taught us the relevance of hand hygiene in our life. We followed it earlier, but most of us just tried to run away from it.


Hand hygiene is essential and can save us from the risk of many infections. From the common ones to the most infectious ones, we can eliminate them with the help of this habit. Still, we cannot avoid them altogether, but we can minimize the risk of getting them. Hand hygiene is promoted with the help of soap and water, but we all have an excuse for the non-availability of water or soap everywhere. That is why hand sanitizers came into force.

They are no less than magic for our hands that help us from infections and viruses.


The alcohol based hand sanitizer is known to be the most effective due to its numerous qualities. There are so many brands dealing in this, but you can trust No scars for this. The use of hand sanitizers in our life brings prosperity by saving us from deadly diseases and viruses. All we need is to understand using the correct method or make the best of it. Here are some tips that we can read and take note to:


  • Relying on the best brand: The hand sanitizers will only be too good to use if we rely upon the most trustworthy ones. Almost every company has started dealing with this product due to its rising demand in the current scenario. But we cannot risk our life and skin safety by trying any of the brands. That is why you need to rely on a skincare brand that has had its say in the market for a very long time. Choosing No Scars hand sanitizer will be the perfect thing to do. So, you can select the No Scars brand when choosing hand sanitizer.
  • Know what quantity to pour in: You must learn one thing before beginning with anything that is the correct quantity. Once you understand that, it will be easier for you to use. Using hand sanitizer in a suitable size is what matters the most. You have to drop out the appropriate amount of it that is relatively easy to spread on your hands. Try to cover full hands in one go for sanitization purposes. You’re mistaken if you think you will pour more if you need more. Rerunning it will only let you rub your hands at the same place where you had earlier done it. So, it’s best if you do it in one go. Learn the proper amount you should pour on your hands to sanitize.
  • Making them absorb in your hands: You must let the sanitizer soak in your hands well. Most of us are always in a hurry and forget to rub it till required. That is why our sanitizers did not work that effectively. To make the best of it, you must let them absorb properly. For this, you need to rub your hands properly as well. You must hone your hands well after applying hand sanitizer. Only then will it get absorbed in your skin.
  • Let the sanitizer dry: You must let your sanitizer completely dry before you use your hands anywhere or do anything with it. The sanitizer will only dry when it is wholly absorbed in the skin.
  • Don’t use it on wet hands: If you think you can use sanitizer on your wet hands, then you are wrong. For wet hands, you must use water and soap only. Sanitizers do not work on wet hands; you must know it well before. On wet hands, neither will you be able to rub the hands nor will it be absorbed in the skin.
  • On dirty or greasy hands, it will not work: On dirty hands like greasy or muddy hands, the sanitizer will not work. Pouring sanitizer on the dirty or greasy hands will spread the grease or mud on your whole hand. It will not remove the grease or dirt from your hands; you must avoid using it.
  • Using moisturizer on your hands: When we use hand sanitizer on sensitive skin, we may feel scaly skin on our hands. Most of the sanitizers that are not of up-to-mark quality make us suffer from this problem. They are more in liquid form and make your hands itchy and scaly. Hand sanitizers also cause dry hands, which is why you must use moisturizers. Use a gentle moisturizer on your hands so that it can keep your hands smooth and soft.


These tips allow us to take the best out of hand sanitizers. We all may buy hand sanitizers, but very few of us use them most appropriately. After reading these tips, you will also be able to use them more effectively daily. There are so many known advantages of using hand sanitizers that we all must be fully aware of. Let’s look at why they have come under the limelight so far.


  1. Helps in keeping the germs at bay: The sanitizers are meant to keep the germs at bay from our hands. By doing this, we can fight against the germs that make us sick. Using it at the most appropriate time helps avoid the contact of germs with our hands. That is why we should make use of sanitizers. Our hands can come in contact with germs from many sources. Even when we touch a crowded surface or non-packed surface, we can still come in contact with germs.
  2. Reducing the risk of the Covid-19 virus: The coronavirus is a global pandemic that’s still ruling society. Whenever we take it with a careless attitude, it just comes over again in a new variant. The virus causing this infection can be present anywhere, from public places to the door handles – anything that comes from outside. We must take proper actions to reduce the risk and protect ourselves safely. This virus can be deadly, so we need protection against it. Maintaining proper sanitization will be quite helpful in protecting us. We must even save the environment from this virus using disinfectants and sanitizers.
  3. Focusing on hand hygiene: Without sanitizers, we cannot imagine hand hygiene. But now, maintaining and following this mantra of hand hygiene becomes easier. No matter where we are, we can still make use of it. Hand hygiene is to be promoted in every phase. Everyone should learn about this concept and practice it as much as possible. Never take it for granted, as only this thing can save us from the risk of falling sick and infected.
  4. Saving wastage of water: With this help, we can also save our environment by saving water. The water is scarce, and we need to conserve it, but instead of doing this, we deplete it. If we practice the water and soap concept numerous times a day, this will result in the wastage of water. It is one of the precious natural resources which we should not waste. So, with the use of sanitizers, we can minimize water wastage to some extent. You can also teach your kids about the importance of resource conservation.
  5. Minimizing other wastages as well: The water wastage and other wastages are also done in this course. Many of us use paper napkins or paper towels to clean the handles, doorbells, etc. It results in paper wastage which further results in wastage of trees, and so on. All these things are interlinked, and they will be disastrous if you do not manage them. The hand sanitizers can be placed on the exit or entry points of any place, including your home, office, malls, grocery stores, buses, airports, bus stands, etc.
  6. Keeping the surfaces clean: Hand sanitizers are even used to take care of the surfaces or other things on which there is a risk of bacteria or viruses. The sanitizers are meant for this cleaning, and you can put them in the form of liquid or sprays that you can use for disinfectant purposes. It can kill the germs from the surface, which will help avoid the risk of such infections.
  7. Keeping common flu and infections away: The risk of flu increases when we enter new weather or season, which is so common. Even their name suggests how common they are in our lives. The common flu can cause fever, cold, and cough. But it is most likely to affect those who have weak immunity. We even have to build up immunity to avoid these infections. Also, make a habit of using hand sanitizers regularly to keep the germs away. Mainly, they also occur when we come in direct contact with someone already having flu or cold. That is why we must keep our hands sanitized to avoid these types of infections when we shake hands with them.
  8. On-the-way solution for clean hands: While traveling or in a hurry, we cannot think of finding washrooms, soap, and then running water. In this case, it is more convenient to choose hand sanitizers. We can use them anytime, anywhere, while rushing or while in a relaxing mode as well. With just some drops of sanitizer, we can have clean and healthy hands; what can we expect more from this life savior product?


So, these are the most apparent benefits of the hand sanitizers that we usually come across. We cannot miss the fact that they have positively changed our lives. From saving us from deadly viruses to protecting us from the common infections making us sick, we just come a long way with hand sanitizers. Always find alcohol-based sanitizers as they are more valuable and practical. Don’t try to make it at your home, as we cannot meet the required quality and authenticity standards. It will only result in a less effective hand sanitizer which may or may not work in protecting us, so never take the risk. You can always trust No scars when it comes to skin-related products. They offer the best hand sanitizer in India that we can choose for our hands. The best part is that the sanitizers made by them are immunity boosters. They protect our hands and do not make our hands dry or scaly. It is what we want while using hand sanitizers. Without any second thought, we can rely on using the hand sanitizer by No scars as often as we need.


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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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