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We know how important it is to pay attention to hand hygiene during this current scenario. The global pandemic has taught us how to save our lives by doing minimal yet combined efforts. The deadly virus can ruin the whole thing, and to protect ourselves from it, we need to follow some protocols. In that, the essential thing is hand hygiene. Following this can help us minimise the risk of this virus and of falling sick so often.


You may have noticed that those who hardly understand the relevance of hand hygiene fall sick more than those who did. They never take this part seriously, which is why they catch infections faster.


Hand hygiene is something about which we have learned since our childhood only. One more thing that comes our way is using hand sanitisers as truly a blessing, and hand sanitisers are the perfect substitute that we can prefer for hand washing.


We can sanitise our hands when we cannot wash them, and it will also minimise the risk and help us. You can use an immunity booster hand sanitiser with No scars. The hand sanitisers also work best, and there are too many available. You can make the best use of sanitisers if you know some basics. For example, how to use, when to use, which one to use, etc.; Here is a small guide on this that we all can pay attention to.


  1. Choose the right one: Make sure you have selected the best hand sanitiser from various options. If you have many options, it becomes difficult to choose the one. Take help from the sources like the internet, etc., to find the best one for yourself, like use No scars hand sanitiser.
  2. Always go for the alcohol-based: You must always prefer the alcohol-based hand sanitisers over the other hand sanitisers. This means the alcohol-based sanitisers have some content of alcohol that is required to keep the germs and bacteria away from our hands. The other is ineffective as it may not kill the germs as desired. So, read the alcoholic content before you buy.
  3. Using the appropriate situations: You can use the sanitisers in almost all the cases except two or three. When you have greasy hands, make sure you do not use sanitisers. Avoid using them in case of wet hands, and the last one is when your hands are dirty with dust or others. The sanitisers won’t work well in these situations, and hand washing is the solution.


So, know these things well in advance to make the best possible use of the hand sanitisers. There is always confusion among people about which one to pick in their hand sanitisers. The alcohol-based sanitisers are known to be more effective as per the research. If you still want to know the reasons why to go for the alcohol-based sanitisers, then here is an answer to this:


  • They work more quickly: The alcohol-based hand sanitisers work faster than the others. This means they can kill germs or bacteria faster compared to others. If the other hand sanitisers can kill the bacteria or virus in forty to sixty seconds, then the alcohol hand sanitisers can do this in fifteen seconds. This is mind-blowing how quickly they work. So, to get the best results in a shorter time as possible, go for the alcohol-based sanitisers.
  • The alcohol-based sanitisers are more credible: When it comes to credit checks, you must know that the alcohol content-based hand sanitisers are more credible. We can easily trust them as the study also proves that they can do wonders in killing germs or bacteria. So, they always top the credibility list for hand sanitisers.
  • They are less irritating: When it comes to our skin, we are always looking for skin-friendly skin rather than those harmful to our skin. We must use products that are safe on our skin and not the one that harms it. The alcohol-based sanitisers also come under the safe category for our hands. They irritate our skin more minor than others, so they are safe and helpful.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin: You can also use alcohol-based sanitisers if you have sensitive skin. It does not interfere more with your skin, so it is the perfect choice for all. It works best for sensitive skin and does not cause irritation or other effects.


So, these are some reasons to prefer alcohol-based sanitisers over others. These reasons ensure that using sanitisers with alcohol content is safe for our hands and is also effective in killing germs or bacteria more quickly. The other things to know well before using the alcohol-based sanitisers are-


  1. This alcohol in the sanitiser is not to be consumed: These alcohol-based sanitisers are not to be consumed as they are very harmful. So, you have to keep this in mind always.
  2. Keeping the sanitisers away from the babies: You always have to ensure that the babies never touch or hold the hand sanitisers. They are unaware of the ill effects of hand sanitisers and can even swallow them. You must keep them hidden from the babies, so they never know where you keep them.
  3. Don’t spill when using: Make sure you did not spill the hand sanitisers. Often, people spill the sanitisers all around when they use sanitisers. This can be dangerous as the texture of the sanitiser is just like water, and anyone can be fooled by it. So, make sure you don’t spill it around.
  4. Choosing the trustable brand: You must always choose the most trustable brand of hand sanitisers to work well.


No scars are one of the best brands of hand sanitisers that we can trust blindly. The hand sanitisers by No scars are also known as an immunity boosters. They are safe for our hands and boost our hands’ immunity. The best part is that they are softer for our hands to use as many times as possible. Many hand sanitisers also cause skin flakes or roughness due to excessive use. No scars sanitiser is safe to use and is more effective.


It includes the right alcohol content that we need to kill viruses, bacteria, or germs. It is the best hand-rub you can use and is the best go-to choice. You can keep them anywhere, like hospitals, offices, schools, public places, etc. The alcohol-based hand sanitiser is now serving all our purposes, from keeping the germs away to keeping our hands safe; they must be our favourite choice in hand sanitisers ever. We can make the best use of hand sanitisers to promote our hygiene and health.



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