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We all know that skincare is something that should never be laid back in any circumstance. There is a huge need to exaggerate the need of taking care of your skin so that you can get rid of the skin issues that come upfront. Skin is the most sensitive of all and is more attracted to the issues. It also comes in contact with the particles of dust, pollution, and dirt. When these particles enter the skin layering, they start increasing the skin problems. You need to avoid these problems to have a beautiful and glowing skin.


We all are frustrated with the common issues, which include acne, scars, pigmentation, oily skin, etc. Most of us know how hateful is the acne that never comes alone. It always brings scars with it, which further irritates it. The scarring can be due to other reasons as well. For example, you may have some scars on your face due to after injury effect, pimple signs, etc. So many of the brands have started showing their concern for the scars that are now rising in the cases every day. They have come up with scars-specific products that we can use for our skin.


The best among them all is the No Scars, as you can use top scar removal soaps by No Scars on your skin. The scar removal soap is meant for lightening the scars on your skin that became a highlight on your face. Nothing comes so easy, and the same is in this case; you have to wait for longer to get rid of it. You cannot see the results overnight, as consistency is the key to treatment. You can go ahead with the constant use to see how good it works for you. Many kinds of treatments are available to treat the scars, and the most common of them are home treatments or special dermatologist treatments.


Here we are going to discuss both of them so that we can have better clarity over which one to go for.

  • Dermatologist special treatments- We all know it is always better to see the doctor when you are facing severe acne. Because acne, most of the time, brings scars that become too difficult to treat. But with expert guidance, you can be able to settle them up. Some of those treatments are-


  1. The laser method: So the laser method is the technique that is used for the purpose of keeping the scars away from your skin. The laser technique is preferred by most people due to its non-painful nature. But every good thing comes with its negative effects as well. So you may face the signs like darker skin areas or not satisfying results, even with the laser technology as well. We are not the ones to decide whether we can take the laser technique or not; it is the doctor who can suggest this. So, consulting your dermatologist before deciding on any treatment is a great decision.


  1. The chemical peeling method: The next that comes on our list is the chemical peel method of treating scars. You can find more details of the chemical peeling treatment online. Before heading towards this treatment, you must know that they make use of the chemicals that further is used as a skin peel on your skin. People having darker skin must consult well and take opinions to avoid the after-effects. The chemical peel method can be a painful one as it works on the top layer of your skin, which will be removed with the peels. This method is not suitable for all kinds of scars; rather is preferred for one or two cases only.


  1. The needling technique: The name suggests so much about this treatment. The needling method is also used for the purpose of scar lightening from your face. Collagen production is having its separate role in keeping our skin keeping it healthy and also free from various issues. The needling technique targets the collagen production in your skin so that it can help us to maximize it. The needling method makes use of the tiny needs that are poured into your skin layers which will enhance the collagen. One of the known effects of skin needling on your skin can be skin discoloration, but not all suffer from this. So, get the suggestions from your doctor well before.


  1. Skin fillers: The injection fillers are also one of the techniques or treatments that are used for the purpose of reducing scarring. The fillers are done on our skin layering, which results in scar reduction. They cannot be preferred in all scarring types.


  1. Minor surgeries: You may have also come across minor surgeries that are performed on the skin having too much scarring. So, ask your dermatologist whether you need such treatment or not.


These are some of the treatments which are available on the market for the reduction of scars. But they all must be considered only under the guidance of the dermatologist. Only they can suggest which treatment you can go for as every skin and scar type is different from one another. So, going for a general treatment for your scars without consultation won’t help. Here are many things that still come as constraints when you try to get a scar treatment. Some of them can be the budget of these treatments, the pain that you have to manage, the after-effects, and so on.


  • In-house treatments: The next treatment category that we come across is in-house treatments. They make use of the ingredients that can be easily found and also can be easily used. They also include good foods that can help you lighten those scars. So, the following are some of them you should know:


  1. Using black seed oil: You might have heard about the black seed oil that can be used both on your skin and hair. The black seed oil works as medicine on your skin that helps in getting rid of those scars. It possesses the properties of a medicinal plant that you can’t miss. You can easily get the oil online also from the local shops. It is also known for reducing pigmentation on the skin. You can use it on the skin wherever there are scars. It can result in reducing or lighting the scars.


  1. Using honey: So, we say the most underrated ingredient when it comes to solving our problem of scars is honey. Honey can be the skin savior ingredient that can be used in multiple ways on your skin. You can use it in various face packs, apply it directly, or can also use it as a supporting ingredient. Honey is also good for our hair as it strengthens them and also makes them softer. It also works well for our skin and also for the scars. It is already being used for medicinal purposes. Like we apply it on the burning or the wounds as it enhances the healing. So, it can be used on the scars also.


  1. The widely used Aloe Vera: This is an ingredient that you can easily find in or around any Indian household. Aloe Vera has its perks of using it. It is being used in so many skin products, face packs, masks, creams, lotions, etc, due to its immense benefits. You can try the fresh gel for the quickest recovery of the scars. You can find this ingredient on the label of every skin product you buy. Instead of using the processed form of this gel, you can use the fresh one also. Another best way of using it in summer is to make ice cubes of the gel. Yes, you heard it right; you can freeze the squeezed gel of it and can put it in the ice trays, and leave it overnight. You will get the ice cubes ready, which will be pure and most natural. You can use or scrub those ice cubes on your skin. It will make your skin look clear and gentler.


  1. The multipurpose coconut oil: Most of us are already aware of the uses of coconut oil in our routine. From massaging it on our hair roots to applying it to our skin, we can get many benefits. Coconut oil almost possesses every best property that can help your skin. It initiates the healing process and also helps in fading the scars. No matter what type of scars we are talking about, coconut oil can show its wonders. Coconut oil can be used best when heated mildly. This means you can use the heated oil on the affected area. Apply and then massage well for some minutes and use it constantly to see some changes.


  1. Using Vitamin E: This vitamin is having many perks for our skin and health, and that is why it comes in capsule form too. We can make direct use of this vitamin as it comes in the most convenient form to be used. Vitamin E is known to put forward many benefits for our skin, like lightening the scars or spots on the face to avoiding the aging signs. You can take a capsule and cut it into two pieces and squeeze the oil out from the capsule. You can easily apply and massage the oil on the affected area and see how lubricant it is. After massaging it well, make sure to keep the oil on the scar for some minutes before you wash it off. It also improves the skin tone and will help you with the scars as well.


  1. Using potato slices: The potato also comes to our mind when we think of skin lightening. It possesses the properties that can fade scars and tan and also improves skin tone. It prevents skin discoloration, and that is why it can be used for this purpose as well. You can use it in two ways- one is to use the slices of it, and another one is to extract the juice of the potatoes. You can use it either way as it is helpful in both ways.


-Using slices: With the help of the potato slices, you can massage the scar-prone area till the time the potato does not dry out. Once you see the potato is drying out, leave that slice and use another one. Rubbing potatoes will help with reducing the scar appearance.

-Using juice: You can also use the juice of the potatoes on your skin which will help in reducing scars and making your skin look brighter. You can also add a few drops of vitamin E into the oil or can also apply it directly. Use a cotton pad to apply it to your skin. Dab the juice on the affected area and keep the cotton pad up for some minutes, then simply wash it off.


  1. Using No Scars soap: No Scars Soap is one of the good scar removal soapthat can be used for the purpose of lightening the scars. The other products of No Scars include face wash and face cream as they also help us treat the various skin issues that irritate us. This soap can be used by all, even by those who do not have any scars on their skin. It has ingredients that keep the skin soft and supple. It includes almond oil, coco fatty acid, glycerine, Aloe Vera, citric acid, etc.

They keep the skin infections away and also help prevent the bad smelling of our skin. This means all these ingredients are already famous for keeping our skin healthy. You can use this soap consistently to notice the change in your skin.


The above-discussed remedies come under the in-house treatments as we can easily use them without special guidance. Both the treatments have their own relevance in treating scars. You can choose any category but you need to discuss with your doctor before choosing one!


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    No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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