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People these days have become health and hygiene conscious. This year 2020 was not good for the entire world due to the spread of Covid-19, considered a pandemic. This virus has affected millions across the globe, and a good percentage has also succumbed to it. With no proper and effective cure in sight, it has become essential for people of all ages to take extreme precautions, maintain social distance, and follow WHO policies and doctor instructions. There is a genuine need for people to be educated on how to take care of themselves and their families during such emergency times. One such product that is now in huge demand globally is hand sanitizer.

Increasing significance

Previously, the demand for hand sanitizers was less and limited to just a handful of people like doctors and other professionals. Many people were not even aware of the existence of such products in the market. This is because these products were rarely advertised in the local media and were also highly-priced. But things have changed during this pandemic. During the initial days of the pandemic, the doctors and healthcare experts had declared hand sanitizers to be an effective method to destroy the Covid-19 virus and other harmful pathogens. With this declaration, the demand for this product spiked very high within a couple of hours, thus leading to an increase in price and severe shortage. Fortunately, many companies rose to the occasion and started producing this product in huge volumes to help people get hold of one to enhance their family’s safety. As per the CDC recommendation, it is necessary to use hand sanitizers with a minimum of 60% alcohol. This prevents the spread of germs, including the Covid-19 virus.

What are the benefits to be derived from using alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

There are several benefits to be derived from using the hand sanitizer, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Portable: You can find these products packed in different shapes and sizes. You can choose one according to your requirements. If you want to carry one with you to the market, office, and other places, you can buy a small one. It is designed to be convenient to carry along and easily used anywhere and everywhere. This is not possible with hand soaps since you cannot take soaps everywhere. Also, the latter is not good enough to eliminate pathogens unless you use water for rinsing purposes. The hand sanitizer is a wonderful and intelligent choice due to its portability factor. It can destroy harmful germs and protect your hands. You need to apply them to your hands every time it comes in contact with surfaces in public places.
  • Waterless: Using a hand sanitizer will mean you can apply the solution directly on your hands and rub it thoroughly for a couple of seconds. This will eliminate all germs and viruses from your hands. Unlike soap, it will not require water to be used to wash the hands. There are several places and circumstances where you may not find water to wash your hands. In such cases, you can find hand sanitizers to be helpful. It is to be applied similar to that of the lotion. There is no need to do any prep work or use other resources to function and be effective.
  • Do not harm sensitive skin: Certain formulas are used to create hand soap, irritating sensitive skin. Commercial grade soaps are usually found in public restrooms. They are likely to contain ingredients that might develop itches or rashes on your sensitive skin. A better alternative here will be to use hand sanitizer.
  • Destroys microorganisms: Bacteria develop in your hand easily and quickly, even after you sanitize or wash your hands. But this is not common for viruses. But still, you need to eliminate both from your hands, especially when you go outside. With the Covid-19 virus spreading due to physical and surface contact, you must be double careful about what you touch. This will also mean you need to sanitize thoroughly and adequately. Bacteria present in your hands generally are of two categories:
    • Transient bacteria: It lives right on your hands’ surface region and can be eliminated easily. You can wash your hands using soap or use hand sanitizer to serve the purpose.
    • Resident bacteria: It lives just below the skin cell’s thin layers of your hands.

CDC thinks that water and soap are an excellent combination when compared to hand sanitizers. They can quickly eliminate viruses and germs like Clostridioides, Cryptosporidium, and norovirus, including harsh chemicals. However, hand sanitizers are created to destroy germs present on the skin surface. It also destroys germs on contact, unlike soap. But do ensure that the sanitizer used has WHO recommended levels of alcohol that is essential to destroy the optimum number of microorganisms accumulated on the surface of your hand.

  • Shareable: You can share hand sanitizers with family members and others. This product is designed to be used and shared without the bottle physically touching the hand. Sanitizers can also be used after you use public restrooms. You should also use the product before having your meal and share it with your co-workers and friends. If you are germaphobic, you can give the sanitizer lotion to everyone by yourself without giving the container physically to others. This way, you can maintain a touchless situation.
  • Organic-based product: Avoid buying sanitizers that have harmful chemical ingredients in them. You can always use the immunity booster hand sanitizer offered by top companies like No Scars. This company has been in the domain for quite a long time and is known for offering authentic products that are not only effective but also affordably priced. Some sanitizers produced these days also come with a fantastic aroma, which you and your children and others are sure to love.
  • Bacteria will not get resistant: The ingredients used to create the hand sanitizer product ensure that bacteria are resistant. Generally, anti-bacterial soaps are known to have ingredients in them referred to as Triclosan. It is likely only to worsen antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains present on your hand surface. Similar concerns are not noticed on using the hand sanitizer. Alcohol is an active ingredient used to create sanitizers. The reason for using alcohol is that it is an excellent antiseptic and used as a medication for thousands of years worldwide. It also destroys bacteria via a process referred to as denaturation. This means that alcohol dissolves bacteria completely.
  • Moisturizing: Hand sanitizers are found to be more moisturizing when compared to soaps. They can provide moisturizing effects similar to oils and lotions, determined by the ingredients used in their preparation. If your hands get dry after regular usage of sanitizers, do use products containing aloe vera gel. It can protect your skin from becoming dry.

Therefore, choosing products from the top portals like No Scars will likely allow you and your family to be safe from the Covid-19 virus and other harmful germs.


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