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These days, keeping your hands clean and hygienic is a priority. Of course, you can always be careful about your overall health, but if you neglect your hands, you may encounter an ailment or infection like Covid19. In this pandemic time, people are becoming a victim of Covid19, and if you want to stay guarded, you need to be sure that you are keeping proper care of your hygiene and health.

Unhygienic Hands head to diseases. 

Since a massive infection in the air and even the coronavirus has gulped so many lives, you must get more particular about your life. It would help if you used the things that keep your lifeguarded. The thing is that whenever you use your hands to hold something, touch the handles, doors, gates, shake hands, or even touch anything, you must be careful that you sanitize your hand afterwards.

If you do not always have the water or soap nearby, invest in a good quality hand sanitizer. You may be travelling, in the centre of a run; you just met someone on the road and shook hands with them, and so on. In such instances, you may not have soap or water around you. But in case you would be carrying a good hand sanitizer in your pocket or bag, you may be sure about keeping your hands clean. 

Indeed, you require dropping a few sanitizer drops on your palm and slowly cleaning up your hands. 

A couple of drops, and you can be sure that your hands are hygienic. And if you have kids, make sure that you introduce them to the habit of using a hand sanitizer. After all, you cannot always be around them to clean up their hands.

Crucial Things You Must Know About Hand Sanitizers

Various things make a hand sanitizer excellent or bad. You must know about essential things about these sanitizers to ensure that you pick the right option.

Check the ingredients of the sanitizer. 

If you are careful of what you put inside your body, you should also be thoughtful about what you apply to your hands. After all, your hands do touch your mouth, face, eyes, and even so on. In case you are allergic to anything, you should avoid that in your hand sanitizers. It may appear to be banal, but you can never be too careful. 

You know that consumers do read labels on anything; they purchase especially food products. People are more careful and extra prudent with what they eat. So why not be as well cautious as hand sanitizers? Keep in mind is that alcohol in hand sanitizers could even trigger your hands to dry. Maybe with this, you could want to opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizers. But again, in case you want, you can even go for the alcohol hand sanitizers as they are practical and suitable for sure.

If your hands get indeed dry, you can search for hand sanitizers that own different moisturizing effects. You can check the option in the realm of hand sanitizers of No Scars. It is essential to ensure that you choose a specific product as per your particular needs as everyone has a different skin type.

Be sure about Alcohol Percentage.

Remember, the amount of alcohol in the hand sanitizer is critically essential, and the most effective hand sanitizers are formed up of sixty to eighty percent alcohol by volume. So, you require to be sure to check the alcohol percentage before you buy any sanitizer. 

Extra Ingredients Can Be Good

Check out the additional ingredients in the specific hand sanitizers as ingredients such as Aloe help ensure that you smooth the skin upon application and lessen the dryness linked to alcohol. Of course, you can even find the hand sanitizers that promise you all that you look for in the product.

Why choose alcohol-based sanitizer?

You know several factors that influence the productivity of alcohol-based hand-hygiene products and items. It could include the kind of alcohol used, concentration of alcohol, the available contact time, proper volume of alcohol you make use of, and even if your hands are wet when you use or apply the sanitizer. 

The right type of volume is unknown because of such diversities. However, adequate importance must be used so that the hands remain wet for thirty seconds.  

The point is being a consumer, you must know what kind of product you are using. Alcohol-oriented sanitizers are proving to be safe and effective because of different reasons. 

The apparent one is that the alcohol ends the bacteria and germs to the maximum and makes sure that you experience no germs.

 Quick Similarities between Alcoholic and Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

  •  It would help if you remembered that both kinds of sanitizers are not in a position to destroy all the germs on your hand. Of course, they work on a maximum of germs, but some of the other germs may often end up lingering on.  
  • Then, washing your hands with good plain soap and water is preferable to using hand sanitizers most of the time. The point is, if you have the option of washing your hands with water and soap, you should go for it over sanitizers.
  • The effectiveness of the sanitizer you choose can depend on diverse factors like quantity used, frequency of use, and even that of the duration of exposure.

Quick Difference between Alcoholic and Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

As their names say it all, alcoholic hand sanitizers are hand sanitizers that mostly contain 60 and 95% alcohol, whereas non-alcohol hand sanitizers are sanitizers that do not possess any alcohol. Furthermore, alcoholic hand sanitizers generally have a blend of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, or n-propanol. In contrast, alcohol hand sanitizers keep quaternary ammonium compounds, like benzalkonium chloride, rather than alcohol.

Then, most crucially, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are more potent than non-alcohol hand sanitizers in killing germs. The latter can lessen the growth of microbes on your hands. However, remember that alcoholic hand sanitizers are pretty flammable. They can cause poisoning in case swallowed; however, non-alcohol sanitizers are neither explosive in any sense nor are poisonous. So, make sure that you keep everything in mind whatever type of hand sanitizer you choose to clean your hands. After all, it depends on how you make the most of the product you have.


Since you have an idea of both types of hand sanitizers now, make sure that you make a sensible choice.


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