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We all know how important it is to maintain hygiene during the global pandemic, especially on our hands. This pandemic has hit our lives harder and changed everything. Nothing seems normal as we are still not back at our normal phase of life. It has become essential to save ourselves from this virus, and the only thing we can do is build up our immunity or take precautions. Whenever we visit any public place, we touch the most touching things or platforms that become the medium we carry this virus within. 

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But we can prevent this medium to begin as we must sanitize or wash our hands whenever we touch a substance or the thing that is widely touched. We cannot wash our hands everywhere, and this was the primary excuse we were giving it to ourselves and keep on eating or touching our face with those hands only. But we need to stop giving this excuse anymore as we are having hand sanitizers nowadays. Hand sanitizers are an alternative to hand washing that can save us. They are the essential elements of maintaining hand hygiene. 

Various hand sanitizers are available of the different brands, but you can trust them every time is No Scars. No Scars offer the best waterless hand sanitizer with the correct alcoholic content. No matter where you have purchased the hand sanitizer; the alcoholic content will be surely there. The alcohol is required in a hand sanitizer to kill the bacteria or germs on your hands. If you think about how can alcohol be used in hand sanitizers, then there is a reason behind this. 

In ancient times, people were using alcohol as a disinfectant, and in the modern world, it is working. It is so important to know the ingredients of your hand sanitizer before you choose the one. You must know all about the alcoholic content of hand sanitizer. 

Why choose alcoholic sanitizer?

You may have a question popping repeatedly in your mind about why alcohol is essential in hand sanitizers. Alcohol helps fight against bacteria that can cause many kinds of infections. Denaturation is the process that is mainly named after the bacteria that alcohol fights with. It helps in altering the state of bacteria differently. Before the bacteria or viruses can start damaging or harming us, the alcoholic content in a hand sanitizer will do its magic. It helps change the chemical makeup to reduce the harmful effects of the germs attached to our hands. 

An excellent alternative to hand washing

We all know that we cannot have soap and water every time, ready whenever we touch anything. But we can have hand sanitizers everywhere. They come in a very portable size that is handy and can easily be kept in the pockets. Where you can practice handwashing, you must skip hand sanitizer, but if it is not available, hand sanitizing is the best alternative. It minimizes the spread of germs from our hands to the mouth, face, or eyes. Instead, it can kill the germs on your hands. 

Choosing the right alcoholic content

Sometimes we think about the perfect alcoholic content that we must search for in the hand sanitizer. There is no specific content that we can choose, but there is a prescribed content of alcohol that you must keep in your mind before you choose a hand sanitizer. Your hand sanitizer will be effective enough if it includes the alcoholic content around sixty to ninety per cent. This means you must choose a hand sanitizer that must have at least sixty per cent alcohol. No matter where you want to keep the hand sanitizer, the alcoholic content must not decrease this percentage. 

The concept of organic hand sanitizers

You might have come across the concept of organic hand sanitizers. The research says that we all must use hand sanitizers that contain alcohol. But those who want non-alcoholic content hand sanitizers can go for organic hand sanitizers. Most people who then try to find the organic one have to look for the two most essential ingredients in the label of a hand sanitizer. You must check that if you are going for the organic hand sanitizers, it must have Aloe Vera or witch hazel. 

These two are known to kill the germs or bacteria that a hand sanitizer does. But we cannot say that either they will be that much effective than alcoholic hand sanitizer. 

Keep these things in mind before using a hand sanitizer:

  • Pour the correct amount: You must pour the right required amount of the hand sanitizer that you need. Running too little or too much hand sanitizer is not valid. The right amount of hand sanitizer that you must use should cover your whole hand and not only your fingers or palm. So, make sure you are using it correctly. 
  • Prefer hand sanitizers with alcohol content only: You must choose the hand sanitizers like No scars, which have the right alcoholic content as required in a hand sanitizer. Never settle for the less as it is something concerned with your health and body. 
  • Keep the hand sanitizers away from the reach of kids: You must keep them away from the babies so that they don’t swallow them. You may have to face alcoholic poisoning if you drink hand sanitizer. So, keep the sanitizers away from the infants also. 
  • Keep it away from pets: If you have pets at your home, then you can never leave an open bottle of hand sanitizer near them. It will be dangerous for the pets if they swallow it. 
  • Please don’t use too much hand sanitizer: Sometimes, when lethargy hits us, we keep on using hand sanitizers even when we can go and wash our hands. In this situation, you must realize that you need to stop using it too much. But if you are using No Scars hand sanitizers then it is safer for your hands as well. It is healthy for our skin and makes our skin able to fight against germs. 
  • Let it dry: While using hand sanitizers you must ensure that your hands are dried enough to eat or do anything. Don’t wipe your hands with a cloth after applying hand sanitizers.

So, these points can be kept in mind while we use hand sanitizers. Choose the hand sanitizer rub by No Scars as they always design their products keeping in mind the needs. You can also try No Scars soap as it is made from natural ingredients like almond oil, glycerin, Aloe Vera, citric acid, etc. These ingredients are helpful enough to keep your hands nourished. It will maintain the proper pH balance also. So, when you cannot wash your hands with No Scars soap, use No Scars hand sanitizer instead. Maintain adequate hand hygiene so that we can together fight against this deadly virus, bacteria, and germs that are making us sick. 


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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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