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Whethermelanin can be reduced from your face or for that matter any part of the skin, it becomes essential to understand what melanin is and what the various factors are that could lead to the production of melanin. It is a pigment occurring in our bodies that give color to our eyes, hair, and most importantly, our skin. When somebody has dark skin, it is said that the melanin production in them is higher, and when someone is fair-skinned, the melanin in them is less. It is usually a blackish-brown pigment and is a great thing for the body as melanin that is on the top layer of the skin basically acts as a protective shield for the sun and prevents the harmful rays that come from the sun from further entering and damaging the skin. These brown spots usually are a reason for the decrease in confidence and can also cause embarrassment to some when they are on the face. It is for the same reason that several companies have come up with face washes and even melanin reduction cream for the face.

Even though this pigment protects the skin from any harm, an excessive quantity of the same leads to the darkening of the skin.

Specific factors that contribute to melanin production are:

  1. Changes in hormonal levels in the body
  2. Adrenal disorders
  3. Malfunction and inadequate vitamins in the body
  4. Excessive exposure to the sun
  5. A skin disease that could eventually lead to an increase in melanin

When we talk of the face, in particular, it is something that is exposed most of the time as something that everyone is conscious about, be it a male or a female. A condition when the skin has too much melanin in a particular area, and it turns dark, is called hyperpigmentation. When these brown spots are formed on the skin or face, the condition is called melasma.

Let us discuss some ways of getting rid of or even reducing melanin in one’s body.

Natural Remedies that work on reducing melanin production

  1. Aloe Vera Gel – This multifaceted plant has been used for several years in treating skin related problems. It works very well in this condition as well. All that needs to be done is slit open an aloe leaf and scoop out all the magical gel and apply it to the affected area and wash out in 10-15 minutes. It is seen that with constant use of this, not only does the skin improve overall, but also pigmentation marks are reduced or significantly lightened.
  2. Avocado pulp: One more kitchen ingredient that works well in brightening the skin is Avocado. Rich in several antioxidants, this superfood can be mashed and applied to the higher pigmented skin and washed later for good results.
  3. Turmeric Paste: Turmeric has been widely used for getting rid of a lot of diseases. This works great as an antiseptic and can either be consumed orally or applied to the affected area. Turmeric also has to brighten properties and can be mixed with some milk to form a thick paste-like cream and then applied and washed after some minutes. Using it twice a week for a given period can reduce the pigmentation marks of the face.
  4. Using unpasteurized soy milk: unpasteurized soy milk has amazing skin lightening properties and can be applied to the face for great results. One thing that you must remember is that to use only unpasteurized milk and not other as pasteurized milk takes the skin lightening properties away from it.

Visiting a Dermatologist

Even though there are several over the counter products like medicated face washes and melanin cream for the face, it is always wise to visit a dermatologist in case the problem is severe. The doctor may run several tests on the skin and then find out an appropriate reason for this and accordingly prescribe you medicine or cream that can be used in treating the situation. The creams that are prescribed by the dermatologist in most cases make use of hydrocodone, which is a chemical substance that uses hydrogen peroxide in order to reduce the melanin in your skin. Another right way of getting the melanin levels down is by getting products that have hydroquinone in them as the main ingredient. One such treatment that has reaped good results for several people is using no scars cream.

 No scars cream for skin lightening

 No scars is a product of the torque pharmacy and one of the oldest and most popular products that have been prescribed by the doctors and even purchased by individuals for treatment of skin lightening. Pigmentation cased could be a result of pregnancy, hormonal, or even some kind of trauma. Some of the main ingredients in the cream are hydrocodone, Trevino, and momentariness, which works actively in the production of an enzyme called tyrosinase. It is an important enzyme that works on bio synthesizing melanin pigments. Now, this further prevents or slows down melanin production and lightens the skin.

An important thing to remember here is that even the smallest things like severe acne can lead to pigmentation in the skin. Therefore, if you are somebody who is having acne you should also consider using a face wash that is medicated, and that makes use of certain ingredients like salicylic acid. It helps fight them and further would prevent pigmentation marks. It’s a great combination to use the no scars cream along with the no scars face wash.

Apart from making use of all the natural ingredients and creams, there are certain things you should keep in mind in your day to day routine. These are mentioned under:

  1. Sunscreen: One tip that you would get from everyone is using great sunscreen. This would not only reduce the levels of melanin pigment in your body but also prevent them from forming. Remember to always wear a good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and purchase one that is minimum SPF 30.
  2. Cover yourself: As a part of precaution, one should always carry a cover-up like a stole or a hat and cover any parts of the body that are exposed directly to the sun so that you could avoid any harmful rays getting to your skin.
  3. Staying indoor during peak hours of the sun: Even though it may not always be possible to do this but it is advised that one stays in during the day so that the production of melanin in your body can be minimized.
  4. Make use of Natural Products: Even though we are most tempted to buy the best cosmetic products in the market, we often overlook that some of these could have adverse effects on the skin. An excellent way to use them is going out for organic or natural products that would help in regulating melanin production.
  5. Pick the correct vitamins: Retin-A, which is a synthetic form of vitamin A is great for exfoliation of the skin and takes away the top layer that is pigmented and reveals fresh and new skin and is a great thing to include in your routine.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your No Scars product and avail the benefits of the same.


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No Scars

No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectation and help in living a better life.

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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectation and help in living a better life.

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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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