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Skin is the topmost layer of the body. Different people have different types of skin. Skin problems vary from person to person as well. Everyone has a unique body order; their body works accordingly. There are chances that the change in this order can cause the problem of smell from the body. This odour from the body can be because of excessive sweating, poor nutrition, or puberty. But with the increase in pollution in the environment has given rise to many new skin problems. These changes can be due to medication, any environmental issues, or the food that we eat. There are various ways to get rid of it. Soap for smelly skin is also available in the market to sort out people suffering from this.

Specific symptoms let a person know the sudden change in the odour of body skin:

  • Armpits
  • Feet
  • Belly button
  • Mouth
  • Genitals

If any smell starts coming from these areas, there will be a change in the smell of the urine, earwax, or stool. No matter where it is coming from, the odour is very foul, fishy, and bitter. The change in odour also accompanies the infection on the skin that will result in rashes, redness, itching, and oozing or discolouration. All these things happen due to things that we eat that are either food or medicines. It can also occur because of any disorder in the body.

Some of the common causes of the smell are given below:

  • Diet: the food that we eat can also cause an unpleasant smell from the body. Many people experience a strong smell from urine after eating asparagus. There is a particular food that produces more gas and can lead to belching. It all depends upon the quantity of food we eat and the amount of gas produced. Some of the food that produces smells are cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, and bok choy. So the overall diet of the person affects the body odour. And according to the trusted studies, it is shown that most men are affected by this problem. So to solve or minimize this problem a person should take a proper and healthy diet. Even high meat consumption can also harm the body by giving body odour. Smoking and tobacco eating are other reasons for the smell of the body.
  • Stress: in anxiety or stress, a person usually sweats more. Suppose the person keeps on sweating more than that sweat will change into an odour. A person suffering from hyperhidrosis disorder will sweat excessively, and this sweat will be uncontrollable. Stress can also lead to a disorder in genetics that will further involve medication in solving it. In the long run, this medication will have side effects on the body with the body odour.


    • Diabetes: it is a situation that occurs when the body cannot make enough insulin to help maintain the body’s sugar level. When the sugar level in the body rises, it will lead to the secretion of the sugar in sweat and urine, giving them a fruity odour. If any such symptom arises, then the person should immediately consult the doctor.
    • Puberty: according to the trusted studies, it was found that women experience more odour in their puberty days. If there is any hormonal fluctuation in the body, then the vaginal discharge will odour more unpleasantly. There are many other situations where a person can experience odour is menopause, pregnancy, or menstruation.
    • Vaginal infections: there are chances that some women can experience a strong smell from the discharge from their nonperiod days. That odour is due to a vaginal infection. This infection has a smell and is also accompanied by redness, itching, and even burning. If this infection is not taken seriously can also cause a change in the colour of discharge and cause many other severe problems. So it is recommended to maintain personal hygiene. In case any such situation arises, consult the doctor immediately.
    • Skin infections: if there is any infection on the skin, it will indeed cause an unpleasant smell. These skin infections can be caused due to pollution in the environment, or they can be due to poor hygiene conditions and poor diet. This problem can arise due to any medication we are taking, and now it is giving side effects to the body.
    • Athlete’s foot: If the person’s feet smell very bad, that is the sign of developing the fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. Here in this, the fungal grows in the moist, warm socks and shoes. This usually happens when the person is not taking care of the hygienic conditions.
    • Cancer: according to some advanced studies, it was reported that unpleasant smells from the body could arise due to typical cancer-related wounds. These are most complained about by women with gynaecological tumours for having unpleasant vaginal discharge.
    •  Use deodorants: the use of these deodorants will help in managing the sweating and will be able to control the body odour.
    • Take care of the feet: it is essential to take care of the feet as they get more prone to the bacteria that will cause infection. It is recommended to use clean, dry socks and shoes.
    • Twice good oral health: as the doctors say, it is better to brush the teeth at least twice a day.
    • Gently clean sensitive areas: the hygiene of the sensitive areas is essential as these areas are more prone to infection than other parts of the body.
    • Routines after workout: if a person is going for a workout, it is better to have a bath after that so that the sweat that arose at the time of the workout will not let any bacteria grow in.


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