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The whole human body is covered with a layer called skin. The texture and colour of the skin might vary from person to person. Some people might have normal skin, some might have oily skin, and some might have acne-prone skin. People who might have acne on their skin might be very frustrated about the bumps that might frequently occur on their skin. If the acne is not considered on time, it might leave scars on the face, which might be a problem for people. So it is better to get the proper scar treatment. The right treatment on time will make the skin very glowing and healthy.
Some people think acne marks and acne scars are the same things, but it is not. Every pimple when it occurs leaves behind its evidence. So, every person hopes that these marks will recover themselves and become smooth. The acne marks disappear in almost 3-6 months. But if the acne spots are still there, these might be acne scars that need to be treated if the person wants to get rid of them. These scars might happen if the acne problem was significantly worse, damaging the skin deeply. If you are dealing with such issues, it is highly recommended to get rid of these scars. So get the proper treatment on time. One of the best treatments is to apply No Scars cream that will show great results with the regular application of the cream on the acne spot.

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The primary reason for the formation of acne scars is when the skin is completely damaged. Whenever there is acne inflammation, many blood cells and collagen rush to the point of injury to repair that specific area. But still, the skin cannot return to normal if the acne is very severe. The acne will break out repeatedly in the particular area without giving it much time to repair. It is one reason the skin becomes so damaged, and acne spots cause scars.

There are different kinds of acne scars that usually occur on the skin of humans. The most common ones are listed below:

  • Depressed scars: These are also known as indented acne scars as they occur down into the skin. Some of them might be shallow but mostly happen deep inside the layers of the skin. Mostly these scars appear on the forehead of the person. This type of scar has other kinds of scars like Rolling Scars, broad depressions and sloping edges resulting from long-term inflammatory acne. With age, these scars’ visibility increases. Another is Boxcar scars, whose edges are shapely defined. If this acne is not taken into consideration on time can cause a lot of problems to the skin. And the last one is Ice Pick scars, which are like enlarged and open pores and are the deepest depressed scars that are very difficult to treat. 
  • Raised scars: If the person suffers from a raised scar, he will have a cyst there. These aren’t a prevalent type of scars found in people. If some have this, it mainly occurs on the chest, back, or jawline. These types of scars respond well to laser treatment. So it is better to get the proper treatment on time.
  • Discolouration: If the person already has acne, it is for sure that he will experience skin discolouration. This is not technically a scar but a severe side effect of acne. This can end up in brown, red, or white pigmentations, and it is not the same as that of the skin tone. 

So scars can be any, but it will surely help make things okay if they are treated on time. The scars are mainly formed because of the collagen filling in the damaged skin areas that might contract and form texture. So to control the formation of collagen, here is the list of two scientific treatments commonly undertaken by people. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Rejuvapen for acne scars: It is one of the most effective treatments. In this treatment, needles are used to pierce the collagen and change the pattern of the scar. With the help of this treatment, the collagen reforms in different arrangements and helps heal the skin with acne scars in it. This treatment is very effective but can take a long time to show the most relevant results.
  • Laser treatment for acne scars: Nowadays, people commonly go for laser treatment to smooth out the skin. In this treatment, laser light is broken upon the scars, and it punches holes in the collagen without making any piercing in the skin. There is no such breakout on the skin, so that it might show the results much quicker than any other scar reduction treatment. The laser lights penetrate deep inside the skin and give the skin long-lasting results. The laser treatment cost depends upon the adversity of the scar and the area where the scars are present on the body.

So, both these treatments are very effective in the reduction of acne scars but an expensive deal. Even people can go for the natural scar reduction remedies that will provide the best results, like applying the generous layer of aloe vera gel on the areas where the scars are there. It will give proper nourishment to the skin, and it will help in healing it effectively. Even the use of honey in specific areas might bring great results. These are natural yet slow result-showing processes. Along with these natural remedies, the person can also go for the No Scars cream, which has the necessary ingredients to cure the scars.

No Scars cream is used to reduce the pigmentation on the skin as it contains ingredients like hydroquinone, tretinoin, and mometasone. Combining all these three ingredients can do wonders to the skin required to heal the scars on the face. The person needs to apply this cream generously to the concerned areas. The skin will absorb the cream and will start healing the scar internally. It is required to use this cream at night. So that it can sit on the skin properly and begin the healing process, it will take around 6-8 weeks of regular application of the cream to show results. 

No Scars company comes with other products like No Scars Soap, No Scars Neem Facewash, No Scars Facewash, and No Scars Hand Sanitizers. All the products have the right amount of ingredients that will only benefit the person’s skin. Even many experts recommend this product because of its beautiful results. All the products are pretty affordable and very effective. There should be no carelessness when the talk comes to the skin because a single mistake can cost much to the skin. To have that healthy and glowing skin, have a proper skincare routine so that the chances of the breakouts of acne can be controlled to a great extent. 


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About No Scars

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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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