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Our life is uncertain, but that does not mean that we should stop taking care of it. At each point, we need to be extra careful regarding our life, and that is why we must understand the relevance of being healthy. Being healthy is a blessing, and that is why we all want to be blessed, but if you think that you cannot make any change in this, you are wrong. We can make efforts to be healthy if we start taking care of our health.  

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Health is the most important ornament that we can wear, and that is why we must look for avenues to be healthy. Hand hygiene plays a significant role in keeping us healthy, but it is the most underrated task. We all learned about the importance of washing hands from our childhood only, and slowly we forget how it works. Dirty hands are an invitation to health problems, and that is why we must not accept them. It would help if you took care of your hands not to catch an infection through your hands. 


This is the most common medium used by every virus, bacteria, or other microorganisms to enter the human body. The infected hands can invite the risk of infections, Covid-19, and other viruses. There are many hand sanitizers available in the market, but alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the best. They are even more effective and can be more active in killing germs or bacteria. There must be the required alcohol content present in the hand sanitizers every time you sanitize your hands. 


There are some essential points that we all must know, and which are concerned with hand sanitizers. These are:


  • Knowing the equality of hand sanitizers: Most of us assume that every hand sanitizer is the same, and that is why we don’t go deep in finding information regarding it. Instead, the reality is that there is a massive difference between alcohol-based and non-alcoholic hand sanitizers. One important thing is we all need to go for alcoholic hand sanitizers as they are more effective. There must be at least around sixty percent of alcohol present in every hand sanitizer. If you are buying hand sanitizers having alcoholic content less than this, then you must know that you are using the right-hand sanitizer. 
  • Being aware of the proper method: Most of us think that hand sanitizer is as simple as anything. But in reality, many of us are not even following the proper method of sanitizing our hands. We are using any free technique without thinking about the effectiveness. We keep on putting hand sanitizers without covering them properly on our hands. 
  • Know the proper technique: It is essential to know the right way to sanitize your hands. If you think you already know this so well still you can watch a video or read an article to be extra sure. Using hand sanitizers in the right way is the primary concern. We must pour the correct quantity of hand sanitizer on the palm and should cover our whole hand. Try to pour the correct quantity of the liquid so that all your hands can be covered. Many of us used to put the fewer amount of hand sanitizer and then put it again when we saw that it had not covered our entire hand. We should avoid such mistakes and should put the right amount in the first go only. 
  • The difference between cleaning hands and killing germs: Most of us think that hand sanitizers clean our hands, but in reality, they kill the germs or bacteria from our hands. Cleaning hands can only be done with the help of proper handwashing, as if you have greasy hands, the sanitizers won’t serve the purpose. The hand sanitizers by No Scars are known to kill the present germs or viruses on your hands. That is why we need to keep the hand sanitizers at every possible place or point so that we all can sanitize our hands any time we want. 
  • Kills bacteria from our hands: The alcoholic content present in the hand sanitizers is known to kill the bacteria on our hands, making us sick more often. This and the germs causing Covid-19 also be prevented when you use hand sanitizers with alcohol. The bacteria on our hands can make a home for many infections, and that is why sanitizing hands can help in all this. 
  • Eliminating the wastage of resources: We all know how important it is to conserve resources like water. We cannot afford to waste the water as we do not have it in abundance, and that is why hand sanitizers can eliminate and prevent such wastage of resources. Most of us know that if someone from us goes to wash our hands, there are chances that half of us will keep the tap of water running, and some can even forget to pause it. The majority of people become careless while using water, which is why they keep the taps open. This result in the wastage of water, and using hand sanitizers in place of washing hands so often can help us save water resources. We can stop the wastage of soap as well as water and can save our environment. We don’t have to look for a cloth or towel as our hands will be dried automatically without making extra efforts. 
  • Understanding the difference between the wipes and hand sanitizers: If you think that the cleaning wipes or anti-bacterial wipes can work the same as the hand sanitizers, you are wrong. There is a significant difference between them both, and they cannot be used interchangeably. The wipes are different, and they cannot be as effective as the hand sanitizers are.
  • Never forgetting the hand sanitizers: We must never forget the hand sanitizers while we go out. The more we protect ourselves from the risk of the spread of the virus, the healthier we will be. 


So, it is very clear from the above points that hand sanitizers are helpful and different from the other items. There are many popular hand sanitizer brands in the market, but we cannot rely on each of them. We need to research these brands so that we can find the right one. No Scars are among the best alcohol-based hand sanitizers that we can use and place at every corner. You can use hand sanitizers at workplaces like offices, meeting halls, conference rooms, schools, railway stations, bus stands, grocery shops, malls, etc. All these things are so common, and that is why we must know about this in advance. 


The alcohol-based hand sanitizers by No Scars are the perfect solution that can keep our hands safe and protected in one go only. So, know the relevance of hand hygiene so that you can begin with keeping your hands safe and protecting yourself from the common bacterial infections and risks of Covid-19. 


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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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