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Hand sanitizers are not something new but have been there in the global market for several decades. But then it was just a handful who cared to use it. The truth is that the majority of the global population were not even aware of its very existence. Only the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19, has made people realize the importance of using hand sanitizers. Social distancing, face masks, hand sanitization and frequent hand washing have become vital to stay safe from this virus and stop its further spread.

The market is currently flooded with a wide range of hand sanitizers. Many brands are found to use different types of packaging to provide great convenience to their customers. You can easily find pocket sanitizers, hand sanitizer sprays, pen sanitizers, bottles, etc. However, No Scars has managed to emerge among the top companies to offer the best quality hand sanitizer in India. It is entirely safe to be used by children and adults at all times and anywhere. It also promises to eradicate the virus from the hands once used. Being lab tested and certified, it is registered with the concerned authorities and is recommended to everyone across the country for immediate usage. It is also affordable on the pocket and available in different volumes.

What benefits can be derived from using hand sanitizers?

WHO recommends people to use sanitizers frequently, especially when travelling outside and after touching things. There are several benefits to be derived with its usage, some of which are given below:

  • Sanitizers are created to quickly and destroy different types of viruses and germs in hand, including Covid.
  • Generally, they tend to destroy germs, especially its cell membrane, thereby denaturing its essential proteins.
  • They can be termed be effective formulation. You can pour the sanitizer onto your palm and rub it as the WHO and doctors recommended. Unlike soap, it does not require using water, thus allowing you to use it anywhere with great convenience.
  • They are designed to reduce germs in your hand and their further spread. Thus, it helps stop community spread, thereby taking complete control of the situation.
  • There are available different variants to match skin types. Most of them are available with emollients such as aloe vera gel. It keeps your hands moisturized all the time and does not let them dry and crack.
  • They are also portable. This means you may carry them in your pocket or bag with great ease.
  • Most of them are created with 80% alcohol content. Alcohol is considered to be an active ingredient. Hence, fewer chances are found of bacterial resistance. On the other hand, soaps are found to have triclosan, to which bacteria is resistant.
  • It is possible to customize sanitizers if you do not want to buy those readymade ones available on the store shelves. Instead, you can find something that has the right ingredients that you desire.

Tips for using the hand sanitizer to derive optimum efficacy

  • Use appropriate quantity as specified by WHO, your local doctor or as given on the manufacturer label. Remember, no benefit can be derived by taking a small quantity.
  • Greasy hands cannot be sanitised. Hence, you need to first clean it properly with soap and water. It is essential to understand that the purpose of the sanitizer is to disinfect the palm and other areas. After gardening or having food, it will be wise to clean your hands with water and soap. The same also applies if you contact dirty surfaces.
  • You should rub your hands thoroughly after taking the sanitizer for about 20 to 30 seconds. Ensure covering the entire hand, including those areas that are between your fingers.

Tips for selecting the best hand sanitizer

  • Health experts recommend people to use only alcohol-based sanitizers due to their 99% efficacy. But then, some important key points are to be taken into consideration before making the purchase.
  • Alcohol content percentage present in alcohol-based sanitizer. According to the experts, select sanitizers have 60%+ alcohol content.
  • Check the sanitizer bottle’s expiry date mentioned on the label. With time, its efficacy starts to reduce significantly, thus rendering it useless and harmful for the skin after expiry. Moreover, the alcohol evaporates.
  • Go through all information provided on the label. It should have all essential details like the ingredients used in its formation, manufacturing & expiry date, effectiveness, and other essential features.
  • Select a sanitizer having antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • If your hands start to chap quickly, or you possess dry skin, then select a variant with herbal ingredients or other useful emollients.
  • To derive optimum results, store it at optimum light and temperature as specified by the manufacturer.
  • Always buy and use sanitizers without fragrances.

What precautions to be taken when using sanitizers?

  • Avoid using expired sanitizer since it is likely to come with fewer efficacies.
  • Avoid taking it near the fire since alcohol is flammable.
  • Avoid ingesting it since it might cause fatal consequences.
  • Frequent usage may destroy essential, naturally present oils and bacteria in your hands. Hence, use sanitizers having emollients or glycerine.
  • Ensure the bottle is kept out of reach of small children.

Different types of sanitizers are available in the market based on active ingredients used.

  • Alcohol-free: The key ingredients used are often triclosan or Benzalkonium chloride. They also offer immediate action to kill the harmful viruses similar to their alcohol-based counterparts.
  • With Alcohol: Some of the active ingredients in 60% to 95% of these sanitizers are n-propanol, isopropanol and Ethanol. Greater effectiveness can be derived with a higher percentage of such elements. Such sanitizers help denature proteins immediately while inactivating different types of microorganisms.

Additional ingredients used

  • They might contain antiseptics such as chlorhexidine.
  • Contain emollients like glycerine or aloe vera gel to offer your hands with moisturizing effect.
  • Distilled water is also used but in small quantities.
  • Some sanitizers have in them Hydrogen peroxide, considered to be sporicidal.

Options available in the market 

If you have finally determined to buy rinse-free hand sanitizer like No Scars, you are provided with several options to select from based on your needs.

  • Pen sanitizers: You can find hand sanitizer in 10 ml size offered in family packs and packs of 2 and 4.
  • Hand sanitizer spray: They are available in 250, 100 & 50 ml bottles and family packs, four & two packs. Gift pack versions are also available that you can present someone beloved to provide that additional protection.
  • Five or 10-litre bottles: They are an excellent choice to save money and to safeguard your family members from this dangerous, life-threatening virus.


You may buy them online from reputed, trustworthy portals. But always make well-informed decisions to be on the safe side. Remember, wrong selections will only put your family in danger. Before investing in any product, carry out thorough research. Buy only if you are delighted with it. Also, go through the reviews of others as it can provide you with a better idea of whether the hand sanitizer is worth the purchase or not.



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