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It is a fact that there is a lot of change in the lifestyle of the people these days. These changes have a significant impact on the health of humans. Some people gain weight, some have hair fall issues, and some get different skin problems. Nowadays, when the talk comes to the concern, the skin comes on the priority. This is the reason many people are using other products to maintain the health of the skin. But sometimes, you might feel very dry or irritated and even very oily when you use a specific product; it might happen because the product you are using does not have a pH balance.

PH stands for potential hydrogen, which is used to measure how acidic or alkaline the substance is. If the meaning is very near to 0, it means it is very acidic, and on the other hand, if the score comes out to be near 14, it is very alkaline. The skin is protected against bacteria, allergens, and pollution because of the acid mantle. The level of this is maintained if the skin is adequately moisturized and hydrated. The balanced pH value of the skin ranges between 4.5 to 5.5. It can get imbalanced if the skin is exposed to UV rays, humidity, and even the skincare product.

If there is an imbalance of the pH value of the skin, it will start showing early signs of ageing like wrinkles. It is caused because certain skincare products raise the level of the pH value. It’s essential to be very careful while purchasing skincare products and have a good skin routine that will help in maintaining good skin with a balanced pH value.

Here is the list of things that needs to be done to maintain the pH value of the skin. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Eliminate the use of harsh cleansers and soaps: The person needs to know the skin type. According to the skin type, only skincare products should be purchased. Avoid using the bar soaps on the face because these bars contain some chemicals that might not be good for the skin of the face. As the skin of the face is gentler than of the rest of the body. Look for the products that mention their ingredient list on the packaging; this will help the person better understand the product and analyze whether it will fit into skin type. It will always be great to wash your face with lukewarm water.
  • Use apple cider vinegar: It is an excellent product that will help regulate the skin’s pH level. It will be better to dilute a few drops of the apple cider vinegar into some water for applying this. Mix it well, and the person can easily use it as a toner. It is one of the best toners that will heal all the open pores and help balance the skin’s pH level.
  • Daily apply good oils and moisturizers: Some people think they should not use face oils or moisturizers if they have oily skin. This is a wrong myth. As the person gets older, the ability to produce oil and sebum decreases. This will affect the pH level of the skin. So, it is essential for the person always to use a good moisturizer and face oils to keep your skin hydrated. Some people use olive, almond, coconut, and even argon oil to maintain the skin’s moisture content. This moisture content will help in building a barrier for the external things to enter the skin.
  • Use different acids carefully: You might have seen people talking about other acids that can be applied on the skin for incredible results like retinoic acid, alpha and beta hydroxy acid, hyaluronic acid, amino acid, etc. All of them can do wonders to the skin only if they are correctly used. If they are not correctly used or overused, they might end up causing the natural defence to the skin. Always take a patch test of the acid before applying it directly to the face. If the acid doesn’t suit your skin, it will make the skin very dry immediately.
  • Use sun protection: Many people think sunscreen is mandatory only if they are stepping out of the house. But this is an entirely wrong myth; every person, whether going out or staying at home, needs to apply sunscreen daily. It will not only act as a protective shield against harmful rays of the sun. Even it will provide the person to maintain the pH level of the skin. Apply this cream 30 minutes before stepping out of the house and even apply twice or thrice in the day if the skin is exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Use topical antioxidants: These antioxidants will strengthen your skin cells so that they will function properly. It will protect the skin from damage and stress. It will be great to use vitamin C to balance the pH level of the skin. Vitamin C is a little acidic, so it will be better to take a patch test of this and check whether it will safely go with your skin or not.
  • Make some changes in your diet: Your daily diet must include many antioxidants foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits. Avoid taking processed food in your daily diet. It will increase the body’s acidity level, which will further change the skin’s pH level. Do have salads in your daily diet and cut down sugar consumption in any of the forms.

All these are some of the necessary steps to help maintain a good pH level of the skin. If the balance is born, it will ultimately result in excellent and healthy-looking skin. Even the person can use the No Scars skincare products in their daily routine to maintain good health of the skin. All the products like No Scars cream, No Scars Neem face wash, No Scars soap, and even No Scars hand sanitizer are great for the skin. Each product of the No Scars is beneficial for the skin in one or another way. The regular application of No Scars cream and soap will help in reducing the pigmentation and scars on the face. These products are made up of a combination of good for the health of the skin. 

Even all these products provided by them can be used daily to get the best result from them. It will play a significant role in making skin clear and healthy. We all are aware of the change in lifestyle these days. Every person needs to take care of their body and skin in the most appropriate way. So, follow specific skincare and health routine, which will give a long-lasting effect. The use of the No Scars products will be a good combination with the healthy way to provide pH-balanced skin that looks flawless and healthy.


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