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acne treatment soap

Acne scars are typically inflamed defects caused by excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria in the skin pores. The pore is swelling, causing the follicle wall to crack. Shallow lesions are usually small and quickly heal. But if a deep break occurs in the pore wall, infected material may spill out into surrounding tissue, creating deeper lesions.

The acne scars must be treated as soon as possible. The more you delay, the more difficult it is to treat acne scars. One of the best treatments for clearing out acne scars is by using No scars soap. It is one of the pimple scar removal soaps. The treatment for acne scars varies based on their type. There are five types of acne scars.


Technically, pigmentation isn’t necessarily a form of scar, only darker skin discolouration, often resulting from the inflammatory healing process — caused by a pimple. Hyperpigmentation tends to occur in compounded darker people (people who produce more melanin efficiently).


When your skin gets discoloured and raised, it’s probably scarring into what’s commonly called a keloid. As a result of the body healing itself after inflammation, these mounds form, but your body accidentally produces too many cells, also.

Icepick scars

The best way to describe icepick scars is bitty depressions in your skin — they almost look like someone was taking a tiny needle and puncturing your flesh. Icepick scars develop when collagen replaces the skin, causing the skin to collapse and leave a void. They’re generally small and deep, usually the product of cystic acne — those extremely deep, really painful pimples you get from hormones on your jawline, chin, and cheeks.

Rolling scars

If your skin has scars that roll or wave, you probably have acne scars that roll. They look almost like tiny saucers and generally offer a wavy texture to the skin. They tend to be shallow, so it might be difficult to say they are there if you were to stretch your skin. They are soft and smooth. Long-term inflammatory acne is almost often the product of spreading wounds. Unfortunately, as your skin loses its natural tightness and elasticity, this form of scar can become more noticeable and extreme.

Boxcar scars

The boxcar scars are an extremely typical outcome when you have inflammatory acne that is red, inflamed, irritated papules, and pustules. They tend to be deeper, but they have sharper edges, unlike the rounder, smoother edges of rolling cuts. Boxcar wounds almost look like someone deliberately pressed their fingernails through your flesh. This depression in your skin includes cicatrice tissue pulled downwards.

What gives rise to acne scars?

The standard healing mechanisms in your body kick in as acne occurs on your skin much as they would with an injury or illness. Acne is created when the pores of your skin get clogged with too much oil and dead skin cells. Sometimes, it appears close to the skin surface – which means it is likely to heal with minimal scarring after a short time. Nevertheless, healing takes longer when acne is embedded deeper down in the skin. It works deeper and further damages the skin tissue, and it also leaves marks.

Your body will try to heal itself after a breakout by replacing the lost skin tissue which was destroyed. Scarring happens when the body contains too much of this tissue or too little. After a lousy outbreak, these dark marks you often get are a different form of a scar. Even if you don’t pop your acne, you may still see dark red or brown marks from particularly deep or inflamed cases appearing on your skin. But don’t panic: if you keep back the pimple from bursting, those marks will generally disappear within a few months.

No scars soap is one of the best acne treatment soaps that help heal the skin entirely from acne and acne scars. The constituents of No scars soap are,

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a compound that occurs naturally and is often an ingredient in products for acne skincare. Salicylic acid helps clear the dirt, skin cells, and other debris from the skin pores that lead to acne. It also helps to reduce the area’s swelling and redness which may minimize the scarring appearance. Salicylic acid is helpful for all forms of wounds. For most people living with acne, it makes a pleasant addition to a regular skincare routine. Sensitive skin people may have to test a product that contains this acid on a small portion of the skin before using it on the whole face, as it can cause dryness or irritation.


Glycerin is used in many foods and soaps for moisturizing skin treatment. Glycerine is a well-loved product for lotion and soap since it is a humectant. A humectant is a material that extracts water from the skin’s second layer and takes it to the skin’s top layer. As a result, glycerine hydrates the skin, helps remove dead skin cells and gives the skin a smooth, youthful glow. Glycerine is a favoured soap ingredient for people with sensitive skin because of its gentle, moisturizing quality. Strong soap can wash away the skin’s natural oils and dry out the skin, contributing to several problems. On the other side, glycerine keeps skin smooth and moist while gently washing the skin.

Coco Fatty Acid

Coco fatty acid is an excellent oil for massages and skin smoother. This gives the skin a smooth feeling upon touch when used on the skin. Because of these fats, coconut oil maintains the skin’s moisture content, as it quickly prevents loss of moisture through skin pores. Coconut oil is abundant in many proteins. These proteins rejuvenate and protect the skin, both internally and externally.

Aloe vera

For minor burns, apply aloe vera gel up to three times a day to the affected area. You may need to take easy absorption of the region with gauze. Aloe vera gel, making it suitable for oily skin. But it can also help with dry skin. Consider changing your usual aloe moisturizer after taking a bath to help seal moisture into your skin. The gel may help treat inflammatory forms of acne, such as pustules and nodules, because of the anti-inflammatory effects of aloe vera. Aloe vera can help relieve psoriasis, inflammation and itchiness. The moisturizing effects of aloe can also ease sore, itchy skin associated with eczema.

Almond oil

It contains vitamin E, vitamin A, mono-saturation fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. It decreases wrinkles, and it reduces premature ageing. It is an excellent antioxidant, and it removes toxins. It’s perfect for dark circles and tanning remover. This nourishes and makes the skin lighter. It also cleanses the skin thoroughly and protects it from having germs and acne. It promotes healthy skin and guards against UV damage.

Citric acid

This acid exfoliates the skin and consequently removes dead skin cells in the skin pores. One of the benefits of citric acid is that it loosens the damaged & spoiled skin that reveals underneath healthier, younger & fairer skin and gives a glowing complexion.

With all these in the No scars soap, it works miracles on the skin and rectifies all the issues.


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No Scars is a product from Torque Pharmaceuticals, which aims to offer quality products for making the lives of people better. Each product is manufactured to meet customer expectations and help in living a better life. Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation backed by research and development is our objective. NO SCARS aims to offer you flawless skin free without any expensive treatments. It leaves the skin glowing and fresh and makes you an instant head-turner.

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