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If you are a man and do nothing about your skin, you surely harm your skin. After all, your face is the main area that encounters external pollution and germs the most. You can’t take a chance with your face. You need to ensure that you guard your face, or you may end up seeing your face ruining and losing its charm.

Have you ever thought about applying something to your face? How about a facewash? You have no idea how the correct type of facewash can do wonders for your skin. After all, facewash will work on your skin, repair it, guard it, and keep it in the best shape. Before you can start a good level of cleansing, you have to pick the right facewash for you. Everybody’s skin is different, and a specific facewash that works miracles on one person may be annoying, irritating, or drying on another. Similarly, with shaving items like soaps, shaving creams, and aftershaves, you will know that there will be a wide variety of fragrances and formulations when looking for the right kind of face wash to choose from. So, how would you make your decision on which one stands suitable for you?

Face Wash

If you do not know how to pick the correct type of face wash for your face, you must read this post till the end. Also, it is a big misunderstanding if you feel that the facewashes are only meant for women. More and more men in the present time wear the correct type of facewash to ensure the best health of their face.


Do you have Sensitive Skin?

Remember that you need to be careful about what type of skin you have. If you have sensitive skin, make sure that you do pick a facewash that works for you. Stay away from the drugstore, anything with salicylic acid, & any men’s face washes that are not natural. The most OK face wash for men with sensitive skin would not be filled with the chemical. 


A top and good quality men’s face wash will use gentle coconut-based cleaners coupled with moisturizers like aloe to keep the face from turning dry and cracked. Chemical cleansing ingredients are going to irritate and dry out the face. Remember that you need to stick to a natural face wash to ensure that it does not trigger any redness, rashes, or pain on your sensitive skin. Indeed, natural facewashes are made up of rich and natural butter, milk, herbs, and so on. Hence, they would ensure that your skin does not get any reaction.


The best type of face wash for men with sensitive skin can contain ingredients like the following:


  •  Aloe: This powerful natural ingredient is going to keep the face hydrated after cleansing it.
  • Charcoal: Activated Charcoal soaks up facial impurities in the absence of drying it out.
  • Olive Oil: This natural oil will soak excess dirty oil and replace it with a good, nourishing, healthy fat.


Do you have oily skin?

The most acceptable type of face wash for men with oily skin is somewhat similar to a person with sensitive skin. Using face washes packed with chemicals is only going to dry out your face excessively. While this sounds like a winner – it is not. Drying out your face ironically triggers excess oil production. Your skin has a specific setpoint of oil required to maintain its homeostasis state and even ph balance. Some people’s levels are less oily than that of others. 


The ingredients that you may encounter in facewashes for oily skin are like: so, if your skin is oily, instead, don’t purchase a harsh face wash loaded with chemicals, but a type of natural solid face wash and use it various times a day. Use the men’s face wash for specifically oily skin in the morning, pack a travel size for mid-day during your work, and again you can use it at night before bed. The point is once you use the correct type of face wash that too at the right time, you can ensure that your skin does not accumulate excessive oil.


  •  Coconut-Based Cleansers: such are the natural cleansers that would robustly clean the face in the absence of over-drying it.
  •  Geranium: This is the natural type of anti-septic that soaks up deep down impurities in the pores.
  •  Aloe: This is the type of natural moisturizer that would keep the skin hydrated, averting excess oil production.


Do you have mixed skin?

Indeed, some people have mixed skin that is not too oily or not too sensitive or dry. Well, for such people, too, there are various options in facewashes. Indeed, it can be primarily hard for men with mixed skin to find the best face wash for them. The problem is since you have got a sensitive part of your face (characteristically around cheeks) and an oily zone around the nose and forehead. It would help if you looked for facewashes specifically for men with mixed skin or combo skin. Of course, such facewashes will not take any toll on your skin, and you can experience the best outcomes. In these types of facewashes, you may find the following ingredients:


  •  Aloe: This natural ingredient will keep the face hydrated after cleansing it, without any oily look.
  •  Charcoal: Activated Charcoal is robust enough to soak up excess oil in and around. 
  •  Olive Oil: This natural oil will soak up excess dirty oil in your T zone & replace it with nourishing, healthy oil.

Of course, if the facewash has all these ingredients, it will surely be a good pick for you.


Do you have acne on your face?

If you are one of such individuals who have acne on the face, you must look out for facewashes with specific ingredients that fight the acne. You can come across the facewashes that are primarily manufactured for people with acne. These facewashes generally have natural ingredients and ensure that you do not experience any irritation on your skin. Of course, since acne can worsen, you need to be sure about using a facewash that works wonderfully for your skin without troubling your acne. 


Moreover, the facewash even works in fighting your acne issues. But make sure that you use the face wash every day, that too in the morning and at night. Of course, when you wash up your face with a face wash in the morning, you ensure that you clean up all the oils and germs from your face that accumulated throughout the night. Even before going to bed, wash your face with acne-free facewash to ensure that you do not take any pollution and germs on your face to your bed.



Thus, since you know what you should see in a facewash, make sure that you look out for the correct type of No Scars facewash as per your skin type and needs. 


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