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Scar marks are a big concern for a lot of people. And although any injury to the skin can cause them, acne is one of the leading reasons behind scarring on the face. And that is why we will begin our discussion with acne scars and how to treat them. Read on-

What are the various types of acne? 

Acne scars can make you suffer doubly. First, the boils bother you, and then they leave scars on your skin that remind you of how painful acne can be.

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Acne lesions, also known as pimples, are caused by the sebaceous glands on the skin becoming clogged with dead cells and oil. Spots are caused by bacteria growing in the clogged pores.

 The forms in which acne appears-

  • Mild acne: Such acne comprises whiteheads and blackheads that many of us experience at one point or another.
  • Moderate acne: Such acne often leads to papules—pimples that are inflamed and red. And also, pustules, which are pimples having white-coloured centres.
  • Severe acne: Severe acne cysts and lumps on your skin filled with pus and are painful may be referred to as severe acne.

The most severe scarring occurs with the worst acne types. Cysts and lumps can cause permanent scarring, while other types of acne might not.

To avoid further scarring and severe acne, it is best to seek treatment as soon as possible. For faster relief, contact your dermatologist or doctor and seek help.

Acne scars: How to treat them?

Most times, the reddish brownish marks left by pimples will disappear without any treatment. However, squeezing or picking acne may increase scarring.

There are two types of acne scars-

  • Scars that are depressed. These scars are often referred to as rolling scars.
  • Narrow and deep scar marks.

Before scarring can be treated, one must have acne under control.

Treatment types for severe and mild scarring may vary widely-

The severity of scarring will determine the treatment you should go for. Sometimes, a dermatologist or doctor may recommend microdermabrasion or a chemical peel to improve scarring. Although gentler, these procedures are often performed in a clinic.

There are several options for treating severe scarring caused by previous occurrences of acne-

  • Laser resurfacing- This can be performed in a doctor’s or dermatologist’s clinic. The laser cuts the first layer of damaged skin. The middle layer is then tightened. This makes the skin look smoother. The process can take between a couple of minutes and an hour. Local anaesthesia is used to reduce pain. The skin usually heals in between three and ten days.
  • Dermabrasion- To abrade the skin’s surface, this treatment is done with a wire brush that rotates and a diamond instrument. The skin will heal, and a new layer of smoother skin will replace the damaged skin. Dermabrasion can take up to three weeks for healing.
  • Fractional laser therapy- Fractional laser therapy goes deeper into the skin; hence, different from laser resurfacing and dermabrasion. The healing time is shorter because fractional laser therapy does not damage the top-most layer of tissues. This therapy can leave you feeling a little sunburnt for a few days.

If you have rolling scars, your doctor may inject fillers under the scars to elevate them to the average skin level. In some cases, a doctor can recommend surgery to treat scars that are too deep.

You can also use creams or lotions to treat acne scars. They will take time to work but are a less invasive option.

It should eventually fade if you have a brownish or reddish mark on your skin from a zit you once had. It may take up to 12 months for the mark to fade. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about stubborn acne marks. They might be able to give you a piece of advice according to your skin type or suggest treatment.

Creams for scarring—How do they work?

A scar could be a frustrating mark on the skin that you would prefer to use makeup on so that it stays hidden. It doesn’t matter how light or prominent your scars are; you should learn a bit about scar marks before trying to fix them yourself.

Scars aren’t always as they appear. For example, acne scars are not always what we think of as scars. The dark patches that develop after your pimples heal are pigmentation changes due to inflammation.

Scar marks that respond best to topical treatment are scars received from injuries. These scars, along with other scars, can cause your confidence to dip. There are over-the-counter scar creams with various ingredients that you can use. But before you select what to use, you should know what skin type you have. Also, please read about the ingredients and their suitability to your skin.

Scarring patients benefit immensely by using certain ointments and petrolatum-based moisturizers when applied twice daily for several months. But application should start right after the scar forms.

To speed up the healing process, your dermatologist may also recommend laser treatments and corticosteroid injections. These are particularly useful for keloid scars. To reduce scarring, they might also recommend a topical steroid and retinoid.

It is essential to allow scarring to heal correctly. And this may take longer than you think. Scarring can take anywhere from months to years to become less visible. As with many things about your skin’s health, the speed and effectiveness of scarring treatments can also vary from one person to another. It all depends on the severity of the original injury, how well you took care of the area, and how dark your skin is (those with darker skin have more trouble with hyperpigmentation).

Research on scar reduction has shown that silicone is the most effective agent in reducing scarring. Silicone can be used to smoothen and diminish scarring by hydrating tissues. Vitamin E oil and allantoin are other ingredients that can soften your skin. Creams and other products can be used to reduce scarring. They smoothen the skin, reduce redness, and even out the skin.

Although there are many skin creams available for purchase, you should trust only No Scars.

No Scar is a cream that reduces pigmentation. It contains active ingredients such as Hydroquinone and Tretinoin, which work together to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, prevent melanin production, and help with acne.

Hydroquinone, the primary topical ingredient to inhibit melanin production, is a potent antioxidant. Tretinoin reduces the appearance and severity of skin marks by stimulating collagen production in your dermis. Corticosteroid mometasone reduces inflammation, as well as side effects of both hydroquinone & tretinoin. It also inhibits melanocyte metabolic processes.

Melanin is a natural pigment that gives skin its colour. Specialized cytoplasmic organelles, called melanosomes, synthesize melanin pigment. The enzyme tyrosinase catalyzes the enzymatic transformation of the amino acid Tyrosine into melanin within the melanosome. The melanosomes found in the darker skin areas are more active than those in the rest of the body. No Scars cream works to counter this in many ways. It treats not only melanosomes but also the enzyme Tyrosinase. Your skin type and exposure to the sun will determine how your results vary. Although you may see some improvement in the first two weeks, your full results will usually appear after 2-3 months of consistent use. After that, discontinue use and consult your doctor for more instructions.

Now that you know what scars are and how to treat them effectively, there is no reason why you should feel depressed about such marks. Just use No Scars, and you will start seeing the benefits within a short time. 


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