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There are many solutions for acne available on the market, but if you want to choose something a little off routine, then the solution you can try is sulphur. Sulphur is considered an effective way to treat acne as it affects the significant causes of acne. It is also very effective for people who have oily skin. This skin type is compassionate by nature and hence needs extra care. Even sensitive skin people can try this solution. Sulphur being gentle as well as dry works for both these skin types. Before using sulphur to treat your acne, it is crucial to understand everything about this element.


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What is sulphur?

Sulphur is one of the most abundant chemicals present in the human body. Its unique pungent smell characterizes it. It is an essential element for the body, protecting you against muscle soreness, allergies, and osteoporosis. Certain minerals such as gypsum or Epsom salts contain pure sulphur. Sulphides, sulphate, and sulphuric acids are produced from sulphur. These compounds are often used in products such as shampoos. 


What makes sulphur work for acne?

While there is no evidence to support the effectiveness of sulphur in treating acne, specific properties of sulphur make it a good treatment agent. Acne is caused by inflammation, bacteria, and excess sebum. The leading cause of blackheads and whiteheads is inflammation of the skin. Inflammation causes the pores to clog with sebum and dead skin cells. Inflammation gives rise to blemishes, pimples, and cysts, which cause bacteria to get trapped under the skin’s surface. Two of these problems can be addressed by sulphur. It can be used to dry out blackheads. 


Clearing your skin too much will rip it off of all-natural oils, causing irritation and inflammation, resulting in even more acne. That is why sulphur is a safe option, as it helps in clearing out only the excess sebum and dead skin cells from your face without disturbing the natural oils. Sulphur also acts as a bacteriostatic agent, because of which it can prevent pimple formation. Instead of killing the bacteria that causes acne, sulphur stops them from multiplying. This reduces their number and lowers the likelihood of them forming pimples. 


Inflammation is one of the most immediate triggers for acne, and sulphur cannot treat it. But certain products combine sulphur with some anti-inflammatory agent to help manage acne. The drying effects of sulphur are most beneficial to oily and sensitive skin types. While sulphur is known to be drying, it is not as aggressive as other products for acne. If you apply it once per week, a sulphur acne mask or face wash can clear your skin without any side effects like redness and irritation. You will need to use gentle moisturizing products for best results. Oily skin can prevent acne treatments from working because the products used will not penetrate the skin due to the oil content. However, sulphur can be used to dry out the excess oil. Therefore, products that contain sulphur will be more effective. It is essential to try out any product before adding it to your skincare regime. 


If you plan to use sulphur-based products, then first do a patch test wherein you apply a small amount on your forearm and let it stay for the recommended time. If your skin turns red, itches, or burns, you must wash it off and avoid using that product.


How can sulphur help in reducing acne marks?

Did you know that you can use sulphur to reduce acne scars? Though there is no solid evidence about the effect of sulphur on reducing acne marks, it is considered to help make the skin even, thanks to its exfoliating properties. Acne marks refer to spots that are left behind after a pimple has completely healed. This condition is referred to as hyperpigmentation. If you have fair skin, these spots are most likely to last for a few months, but these marks can stay with you for several years if you have dark skin. Hyperpigmentation on dark skin can be reduced to a certain level with the help of skin lightening products. But sometimes, usage of these products can form light spots on your skin and darken acne marks. In such a case, sulphur can be used as it helps in clearing dead cells and also promotes the growth of new skin cells. Moreover, unlike other skin lightening products, sulphur is not harsh on the skin. 


How can you use sulphur to treat your acne?

Several products in the market use sulphur as an ingredient. To choose the best, you need to have a thorough knowledge of all these products. Here, you will get information about the three most common products.


Sulphur Clay mask:

This product is best for people who have extremely oily skin. Applying sulphur in the form of a mask will allow it to stay on your face for longer and hence will be able to remove excess oil. If the properties of sulphur are mixed with clay, the product becomes more effective because clay itself is a drying agent. To achieve the best results, try applying this product to your face at least once a week. But before that, you must test it to ensure that it suits your skin and doesn’t cause irritation. If you have combination skin, you can apply the mask only on the oily zones of your face, or if you want to, you can apply it on your entire face. Before applying the mask, make sure your face is clean and dry. Apply a coat of this mask on your face and let it dry. After the recommended time, gently rinse off the mask. Avoid scrubbing your face to prevent irritation. 


Sulphur soap:

This product is most suitable for people with oily skin. If your skin is oily, you most probably wake up with a lot of oil on your face, and throughout the day, your face tends to produce more oil. If you wash your face with a sulphur face wash in the morning, then you can start your day with less oil on your face. You can wash your face before going to bed at night to keep your pores clear throughout the night. But keep in mind that even though your skin is very oily during the day, you should not try to wash it more than twice. Doing that can give rise to more acne. If you are using sulphur face soap to clean your face, use it only once a day. 


Sulphur spot treatment:

This treatment is different because it reduces visible pimples. You won’t see any improvement if you have already got pimples, as sulphur can only prevent it from happening. If you want to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads, you can go for sulphur spot treatment. But make sure to use it only once a day as over usage can make your skin dry.


Though there is no concrete evidence on the effectiveness of sulphur, this treatment has not been rejected. Sulphur can serve as a treatment, but it depends on your individual choice. If you are looking for ways to treat your acne, then sulphur can be one of the options. Try adding it to your skincare regime and see the difference yourself. No Scars cream is an excellent alternative if you want to get rid of pigmentation. The Tretinoin, Hydroquinone, and Mometasone present in it provide you with anti-inflammatory benefits and prevent acne.


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