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Our health is one of the most important things that we cannot ignore in any case. We all have understood this thing now after we have seen the global pandemic hitting us. Our lives are not every day, and this is the first thing that constantly reminds us to stay safe all the time. In this pandemic, some things are of utmost importance. They include our body’s immune system, hand hygiene, and our understanding to protect everyone around us by wearing masks and maintaining distance. 

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One of the powerful mediums used by germs or viruses to enter the human body is through hands. We use hands for handshaking, to touch our face, to touch nose, mask, etc., and that is why we increase the risk of this disease. But we can reduce the spread of this disease if we make a little effort into this. One of the best things that we all can do is to make hand hygiene a critical thing that should not be ignored in any case. You must wash your hands or sanitize them well. 

No scars offer the best alcohol-based hand sanitizers that you can use. There are many benefits of hand sanitizers, and that is why they have become something that should be given utmost importance. Hand sanitizers should be placed at every corner, place, or even in transport systems. That will allow us to come together to reduce the spread of the virus. The workplaces are the places that need people to be extra careful. At workplaces, we are less concerned and think that we are not at risk, but they are more risk-prone zones. 

So many perks of hand sanitizer at workplaces that we all should know are discussed as follows:

  • Killing the bacteria: We all know that our hands are bacteria zone, but we don’t use any precaution to kill the bacteria. When we don’t wash or sanitize our infected hands and eat them with those hands, we will increase the risk of being sick. Not every time we wash our hands we can sanitize our hands using hand sanitizers containing Alcohol. The sanitizers containing Alcohol can kill the bacteria-infected hands. 
  • Lowering the absenteeism rate: If employees are taking more leaves and are not reaching the office on time, then this means the level of absenteeism in your organization is a bit higher. If the employees are not taking care of the proper hand hygiene, they become sick more often. The higher the risk of being sick, the higher the absenteeism rate, and to keep it down, you must place hand sanitizers at your workplace. 

There are some common points where there must be a hand sanitizer, and some of those points are:

  1. Meeting hall: Every workplace has a meeting hall where many employees come together to discuss or meet. At that time, there are many chances that the employees are going to catch an infection. In this case, it should be mandatory to put the hand sanitizers at the meeting hall entrance or exit. 
  2. Near doors of the office cabins: Life inside the workplace can be safer and healthier if we put hand sanitizers outside the doors. So that whenever anyone opens the doors or touches the door handle, they can sanitize their hands prior. It will help in minimizing the risk of the spread of the virus or other diseases. 
  3. Outside the elevator: You can even put the hand sanitizers by No scars near or outside the elevator. So that if anybody has touched the surface that has been widely touched, they can sanitize their hands after coming out. 
  4. Near kitchen or canteen in the organization: The hand sanitizers must be in lunchrooms, kitchens, or break areas where the employees rest or make their lunch. So, by putting hand sanitizers at these points, we can make our workplace a safer place. 
  5. Outside and inside the washrooms: The next critical zone where you must have put the sanitizer is in or out the washrooms. It will be easier for everyone to keep their hand healthy after coming out or before going inside the washrooms. 
  6. At reception: The reception is a place where every visitor comes first, and that is why this place must have the proper provision of hand sanitizers. It would help if you put the No scars alcohol-based hand sanitizers at the reception so that whenever someone enters the office premises, we can make them sanitize their hands first before doing anything. This will be perfect and safe not only for the visitors but also for the people working inside. 
  • Reducing the sickness bar: The more you ignore the hand hygiene, the more likely you will have touched the sickness bar. You have to maintain individual hand hygiene to be healthy while being at work. Those people who ignore sanitizing their hands after touching the infected surfaces are more likely to become sick. But with hand sanitizers with No scars, you can protect yourself. 
  • The same effect of handwashing: We cannot say that only hand sanitizing is the best as in case you have water, soap, and a towel, you must go for hand washing. But in case you cannot do this, you must go for hand sanitizing. Hand sanitizers can kill the germs and bacteria from your hands as hand washing can do. But the best part is hand sanitizers can do this work in just thirty seconds, whereas handwashing may take more time.

So, these are some of the perks of hand sanitizers at the workplace that you cannot ignore or underestimate. Making hand sanitizers part of your offices can fight the increasing risk of viruses or other infections. Some plants become the must plants that every office or workplace must-have. Those plants are known to purify the air inside the office and make your workplace a happier and healthier place to work at. Some of those plants are:

  1. Peace lily: You can use peace lily outside your office to purify the air and improve air levels. 
  2. Bamboo palm: Bamboo palms are plants that can go magic by purifying the air and improving the oxygen levels around the office. 
  3. Potted mums: It is also one of the plants that can best suit the inside environment of the office and can be suitable for stopping the germ spread. 

Some other plants discussed above are Gerbera daisies, green spider plants, English lily, etc. No scars offer Alcohol-based sanitizers that can prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, etc., from your hands. They are not less than a wonder for us, and that is why we must understand their importance. The next important thing that we all must know is the proper way to sanitize our hands.


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