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Pimples can be termed a specific type of acne resulting from blocked pores because of excess pollution and excess sebum production into the dead skin cells, along with bacteria trapped into the skin’s pores. Acne is a long-term condition of the skin that includes oil at the base of the hair follicle and can further cause several kinds of inflammatory and non-inflammatory issues for people. Following are some of the fundamental causes as well as risk factors of acne:

  • Puberty can be termed as one of the biggest triggers of acne.
  • One can also witness pimples and acne because of lack of sleep, hormonal changes, a lot of stress, general susceptibility, and several kinds of medications.
  • Dandruff can also cause pimples on the forehead.
  • Pimples can also be there because of the humidity as well as excessive sweating.
  • Acne and pimples can also be there because of the harsh environment or bad habits like smoking or consumption of alcohol.

Following are some of the types of pimples depending upon the severity:

  •     Mild acne: This could be because of multiple reasons, and the most common symptoms include blackheads and whiteheads or small pimples.
  •     Moderate acne: The most common symptoms are whiteheads, pimples, blackheads, and minor pimples on the whole face.
  •     Severe acne: This includes whiteheads and blackheads as a widespread symptom. It could also have several kinds of painful nodules on the skin of people suffering from all these kinds of issues.

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation can also result from skin damage. The trauma to the skin can also be because of excessive sun exposure or pimples, leading to excessive melanin production during the healing process and resulting in hyperpigmentation. Hence, to deal with all these kinds of issues, people need to follow several types of tips, and the top five tips to get rid of pimples as well as pimple marks are mentioned as follows:

  1.   Maintain proper skin hygiene: For this purpose, one must go with the option of cleansing the face twice every day with the help of very mild and scar mark removal face wash or soap. It is further advisable for people to use lukewarm water to remove excess dirt and oil when washing their faces. It is also advisable for people to never rub their face harshly, and one should also utilize a moisturizer after washing the face.
  2.   Avoid heavy makeup application: Another essential aspect to be considered is to make sure that they avoid heavy makeup and touching the face again and again. In case one has applied makeup, then one must go with the option of removing it before sleeping at night because makeup can lead to several kinds of issues overnight, which is the main reason that one must wash the face after coming back from any of the party and must sleep after removing the makeup.
  3.   Use a good sunscreen: People should utilize oil-free sunscreen so that hyperpigmentation can be prevented, and one can also get rid of the sun’s UV rays very quickly. The sun’s UV rays can lead to several kinds of issues in the long run related to the skin, which is the main reason sunscreen application is one of the best possible ways of preventing all these kinds of things.
  4.   Never squeeze pimples: One of the most critical aspects of the pimple care routine is that one must never squeeze the blackheads or whiteheads because it can lead to several kinds of infections, and scars will be there for the long run. Hence, to avoid all these kinds of things, one must prevent the squeezing of pimples.
  5.   Adopt minor changes to diet and lifestyle: People must make minor changes to the lifestyle and diet themselves, and for this purpose, one can go with the option of drinking a lot of water so that they remain hydrated and skin glows all the time. Also, it is very much important for people to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid stress taking activities. One should also practise meditation and yoga so that one can live and follow a healthy lifestyle.

One can depend upon several kinds of natural remedies to remove the pimples and pimple marks. For this purpose, one can go with the option of using lemon and honey because honey has several kinds of skin hydrating properties. Using clay masks is also a good idea because it will help absorb the excess oil very quickly. One should utilize tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil because of their power and antibacterial and anti-viral properties. One can use apple cider vinegar because of its antibacterial properties and prepare a paste of mint leaves in water, rose water, and lemon juice, which is beneficial for dealing with pimples and pimple marks. Going with using green tea extracts and turmeric is also an excellent idea that you can depend upon. Aloe vera is preferred as a home remedy to deal with acne and pimple marks.

Also, to get rid of scars quickly, you can go with the option of using the short scar removal face washwhich comes from the house of No Scars. This particular face wash includes several kinds of natural ingredients that are very successful in preventing acne and controlling oil production in the skin. Hence, it will always provide people with a very refreshed look and smooth and soft skin. To use this, you must get the face washed with warm water and take a sufficient quantity of the face wash in the palm. Then you should apply it gently on the face avoiding sensitive areas like the mouth, nose, and eyes. After 10 seconds, you should rinse well with water and pat dry. You can use this face wash two times every day to get rid of acne and see the best possible results. Also, it is highly advisable for people to never use this in higher concentrations and on large areas of the body. Hence, to get rid of all these kinds of issues associated with pimples and pimple marks, you must go with the option of following the tips mentioned above and usage of face wash so that the best possible results are achieved. No one likes pimple marks because all people want to look good every time. Proper care of the face will avoid pimple marks, but these marks can be caused due to puberty which cannot be avoided. But people should remain calm throughout the life of pimple marks as they can be removed by doing proper remedies.


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