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The human body gets dirty as it sweats a lot and accumulates Dirt and grime throughout the day. The face is the most delicate area of the body and is prone to getting dirty. Hence, beauty experts and even health experts suggest washing the face every day without fail. Regular skin cleansing should be made a ritual and is vital to maintaining smooth, glowing and healthy skin. 


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Why is a daily face wash essential?

The regular face wash offers numerous benefits, some of which are given below:

  • Eliminates build-up: The expected benefit of availing regular facial washing is that it helps remove unwanted debris, oil and dirt accumulated in the region. The facial skin gets covered continuously with pollutants, bacteria, dead skin cells and Dirt. Regular washing makes it possible to eliminate such impurities, thereby providing the skin with a fresh look. But without washing, the skin is likely to get covered with grime and dirt, making it difficult for other products to reach the skin properly. 
  • Clear skin: Tiny glands produce sebum, an oil to safeguard the skin from unknown external dangers. Moreover, the glands tend to use hair follicles as a pathway present within the skin. Thus, it allows oil to reach the skin’s surface (external layer), thereby creating a barrier to avoid bacterial or harmful agent penetration. If it occurs in excess on the skin surface, Dirt built-up is likely to block the follicle, thereby trapping dead skin cells, sweat, and sebum. If sebum is not present on the skin surface, then bacterial will be in a position to penetrate within the follicle, thereby causing inflammation. This, in turn, causes acne. Hence, with proper daily skin cleansing, the pores filled with debris and dirt build-up get cleared. Thus, sebum oil manages to reach unimpeded the skin surface, thereby reducing breakout chances. 
  • Boosts hydration: Facial wash and cleansing should be backed by a good moisturizer. It ensures that your skin maintains an appropriate hydration level. Otherwise, dehydrated skin tends to feel rough, aged and wrinkled. Regular cleansing manages the skin’s pH levels, thereby enabling sufficient water combined with product retention. Using the best Natural Face Wash like No Scars is sure to provide you with beautiful, youthful-looking skin that you always wanted.

What happens if you have stopped washing your face?

If you do not wash your face daily, the pores will clog, causing a severe acne breakout. Your skin may also experience a variety of severe irritation, dryness and redness due to insufficient hydration. The skin finally will get greasy, oily, dirty and aged. You may perhaps develop some incredible iciness to such a point that you will repeatedly scratch the affected region. It may also cause skin breakouts, thus allowing infections to enter quickly. Hence, you need to practice regular and proper skin cleansing and make it a habit!

Other benefits offered by face washing

  • With regular facial cleansing, the facial treatments and anti-ageing products that you use will work efficiently. 
  • Regular facial washing and cleansing are vital to make your skin appear healthy and radiant all the time. 
  • Cleansing does boost proper skin hydration while helping to avoid excess oil production. 
  • Cleansing also ensures proper pore size maintenance. 

Which face wash is the ideal to use?

Some people are blessed with clear, healthy skin, but others may be having dry, sensitive skin that gets dirty very fast. Even the region where you stay does play a significant role in your skin appearance. There are many beauty products offered in the market to enhance the appearance and glow of your skin. But first-timers are likely to face challenges when selecting the best one that is just perfect for their skin type. Remember, you need to find a face wash product that is just perfect and suitable for your skin. With the right expert tips and guidance, you can have glowing skin free from acne, inflammation and other issues.

What is the function of a Face Wash?

The face wash is generally designed to eliminate oil and dirt build-up on the face. It boosts hydration levels on the skin while maintaining clear skin. 

Which is more suitable – Face Wash or Regular Soaps?

This question many people asked of all ages. Skin experts do not recommend using bar soaps, especially on sensitive facial skin. You are to take into consideration a few aspects, some of which are given below:

  • Harshness: Ingredients present in the bar soap at times could be excessively harsh for your facial skin since they might differ from your skin. Often, it might cause increased sensitivity or allergic reactions. It is for this reason; experienced dermatologists suggest people use good quality cleansing gel or face wash. 
  • Skin type: Bar soaps generally do not mention the skin types it helps to clean. Hence, if you have ‘dry skin and use such soaps, you will likely experience severe skin issues and dryness, including acne, inflammation, etc. 
  • pH balance: The human skin has an ‘acidic’ layer, acting as a natural barrier to safeguard it from harmful external elements. But the regular bar soap is rather ‘basic’ in nature. It destroys the acidic layer of the skin and bacterial growth. Soap tends to neutralize the skin’s basic properties, thereby exposing it to potential harm. 

Tips for selecting the most appropriate Face Wash depending on your skin type

  • For oily skin, you should use a water-based cleanser or face wash. The objective here is to balance oil that is secreted excessively from your skin. This helps to reduce the chances of pores clogging and getting infected. Please do not use any face wash that contains alcohol or oil since it will only cause more harm to your skin. You may require a product to help balance pH levels to ensure deriving supple and healthy-looking skin. 
  • Those with normal skin will require specific ingredients to help balance skin pH and also is mild. Generally, no other benefits will be essential from the face wash besides removing dead skin cells and Dirt. 
  • Those with dry, sensitive skin should not use bar soap as it will only worsen the condition, especially during winter. If you have this skin type, you should use an oil-based or gentle cleanser and fatty acids or moisturizing ingredients. It helps replenish the oil in the skin and balances natural dryness. Skin sensitivity should be addressed as dry skin is more prone to this problem.

How many times should you wash your face throughout the day?

It’s another commonly asked question by those who have understood the importance of regular face wash. You need to identify the correct face washing frequency in a day. Qualified dermatologists recommend washing the face just twice a day and no more. Instead, it’d help if you stuck to washing your face once during morning hours and the second time in the evening. This way, your skin stays free from dead skin cells and Dirt. In case your skin is dehydrated, then wash your face only once, but at night-time.

But do remember to use branded Ayurvedic Facewash like No Scars to avoid unwanted side effects.


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