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It could be that you have developed pimples and are feeling embarrassed to go out on the road. Although ugly looking, pimples are harmless. It is instead a tiny papule or pustule. It develops as oil or sebaceous glands get clogged and infected. This, in turn, causes swollen, red lesions that are filled with pus. It is also referred to as zits or spots and is considered to be a type of acne. They occur in people who have just reached puberty. However, it might develop at any age.


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During puberty, hormone production tends to change, thus making the sebaceous glands overactive. These glands are located at the hair follicle base. Hence, pimples may occur in women during menstruation and teenage years.

Often, it develops on the face, shoulders, chest and back regions. It is because this part of the skin has numerous sebaceous glands. 

The most common cause of pimples is referred to as “Acne Vulgaris”. Approximately 80% of all teenagers across the globe are affected by this type. It also affects 12% of women and 3% of men. 

Some fast facts to know

  • Pimples occur with increased activity of sebaceous glands. It also occurs if dead skin cells tend to clog the skin pores. At the time, there might develop infections. 
  • Pimples might vary in severity, ranging from cysts to blackheads. 
  • Not much evidence is present to confirm acne resulting from specific food intake. However, the risk of its development can be mitigated to a large extent by following a well-balanced, healthy diet containing lots of vegetables. 
  • Pimples are prone to occur during the adolescence stage. However, it might affect anyone at any age. 

Know the different types

With some research on the web, you are likely to come across different pimple types exhibiting different symptoms and signs. Being aware of the different types allows you to use the most appropriate and suitable Pimple Removal Creams like No Scars. 

  • Blackheads: They are also referred to as ‘open comedo’. They can be seen clearly on the skin surface during development. They are dark brown or black due to melanin oxidation, the skin’s pigment. Many are of the wrong belief that it develops due to dirt trapped in the skin. They get mistaken due to its inherent colour and resort to scrubbing vigorously where it occurs, like their face. But scrubbing will not prove to be a helpful remedy. Instead, it might only irritate your skin while causing other types of unwanted problems. 
  • Whiteheads: It is referred to as ‘closed comedo’. They are small pimples forming under the skin and not erupting out. They instead appear flesh-coloured, tiny bumps. 
  • Pustules: They are filled with pus and are easily noticeable on the skin surface. It has a red base, while on the top is the accumulated pus.  
  • Papules: They are rounded, solid, small bumps rising over the skin and often are pink coloured. 
  • Cysts: They can be noticed easily on the skin surface and filled with pus while being quite painful. They are known to cause scars if not treated on time. 
  • Nodules: They tend to have structures similar to that of blemishes; however, much more significant. Being embedded deep within the skin, they can be extremely painful. 

Know the causes of the development of pimples

Dead skin and sebum clog pores, causing them to get clogged. Pimples tend to develop in this region. At times, it might result in infection, thereby causing inflammation. Some people might get affected more when compared to others, the reason of which is still unknown. 

Pimples and Sebaceous Glands

These are cited to be tiny skin glands secreting sebum. The latter is termed to be an oily or waxy substance essential to lubricate the hair and skin. These glands are present within the skin pores throughout the body. However, the only exception concerning its presence is the feet soles and palms of hands. The scalp and face have more sebaceous glands than other body parts. With sebum being produced within the pores by the glands, new skin cells constantly grow while the skin’s external layers get shed. At times, dead skin cells remain in their place and do not get shed. Sticky sebum makes them stick to the pores, blocking the free passage of air essential for the smooth skin surface. During puberty, sebaceous glands produce sebum in large quantities, thus causing pore blockage and the development of pimples. Washing the face regularly and taking care of the skin will ensure that pimple development is controlled. 

Bacterial infection

As the skin pores get blocked by dead skin cells and sebum, it only boosts undesirable bacterial growth. It includes P. Acnes (Propionibacterium acnes). This slow-growing bacterium is associated with acne. 

The presence of P. Acnes on our skin does not cause any harm to it. However, in the right conditions, it may reproduce quickly only to cause specific problems. The slow-growing bacterium feeds on sebum, producing a particular substance and developing an immune response. It only results in spots and skin inflammation. 

Although pimples are associated with bacterial infection, there is no need to worry since they are not contagious. You do not have to worry about others standing beside you to contract pimples because you have developed them. 

Risk factors to consider

Science is yet to specify as to why some people tend to develop more pimples than others. It could perhaps be genetic factors and hormonal functions that might cause this issue. There can, however, be also other factors. 

Good/Bad Bacteria

Yeast Infections: Some acne breakouts are linked directly to yeast infections. ‘Pityrosporum’, called folliculitis or Malassezia, occurs if pityrosporum yeast enters the hair follicles. It starts to multiply, thereby triggering the emergence of tiny, round-shaped, itchy pimples that appear more like acne. It occurs mainly on the upper back, shoulders, upper chest, including the face. Some people’s skin already may have this yeast. However, if it develops in excess, then problems might crop up. Both young, as well as middle-aged women and men, may develop this yeast.

  • Moreover, sweaty, humid conditions combined with oily skin products and synthetic clothes may worsen the situation. Adolescents are the worst affected due to enhanced sebaceous gland activity. But the same cannot be termed for acne. Chances are, people may confuse with it. Antibiotics, if taken, might only worsen the condition since they are designed to suppress the bacteria and not weed it out from the root. If you develop Malassezia, then antifungal treatment will be essential. 
  • Testosterone sensitivity: A link has been noticed between androgens, higher testosterone levels and acne pimples; testosterone in the body at high levels may cause the sebaceous glands to witness more significant activity within the sebaceous glands. This, in turn, may cause more clogged pores, thereby developing more acne problems. 

Using the best Pimple Removal Creams like No Scars will prove more than beneficial to control acne and have smooth skin. It is entirely safe for all ages and can be applied by both men & women alike.


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