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Alcohol Rub Sanitizer

With Covid-19 being declared pandemic & affecting millions across the globe, people are compelled to take adequate precautions. Many affected with this virus have suffered from various symptoms, while others did not even show symptoms. Thousands have also died within a few days after being affected by this virus. This virus is said to spread through physical contact.

Is hand sanitizer effective as hand washing?

You can come across hand sanitizing products of different types & companies, ranging from wipes to gels. However, you may have this question in mind, whether it is as effective as water and soap. Sanitizer, when used, can help remove germs effectively. But experts agree to the fact that it can never replace the traditional washing of hands using water. Instead, hand sanitizer is best is used with hand washing. This will ensure proper hygiene, especially if water & soap are not available. Do make sure to invest in alcohol-based hand sanitizer products only from reputed companies. These are recommended for you & your family members to eradicate the Covid-19 virus that may otherwise spread as it may settle in your palms.

Difference between hand sanitizing & hand washing

Health experts consider hand sanitizing & handwashing to be excellent hygiene practices, with each playing a significant role. For example, by handwashing using water & soap, you can remove grease, dirt, heavy metals & pesticides. Using hand sanitizer products might not prove to be that effective for such purposes. Instead, it is agreed upon that hand sanitizers are effective in clinical settings such as hospitals. These are places where people tend to contact harmful germs, but not heavily greasy or filthy.

Moreover, using sanitizers, it becomes possible to eliminate & diminish microbes present in your hand. But this is possible if your hands are not dirty physically. The same principle tends to hold to different surfaces like tables or countertops. It is necessary to clean these surfaces first to eliminate soil & dirt and then disinfect or sanitize it effectively. Hand wipes are more effective when compared to gels to eliminate germs & dirt from hands.

Hand washing

It is effective enough to eliminate viruses, bacteria, germs & debris physically. Rubbing hands together using water & soap creates necessary friction to dislodge germs & debris accumulated on your skin. It is something not achievable with sanitizer. Hence, hand washing becomes crucial before using sanitizer products. These days, due to the Covid-19 virus, everyone is compelled to use sanitizers to maintain hygiene & eliminate this virus.

Surfactants, detergents & soaps

Detergents & soaps are a surface-active agent & surfactant type. These cleaners have a surfactant agent that features a hydrophobic tail & hydrophilic head. This molecular chain features one end attracted to water while the other end repels water. As you rub your hands, such opposing forces work effectively, lifting germs & debris from your hands.

Handwashing techniques

To ensure cleanliness, you need to wash your hands in the following ways:

  • Wet hands: You may use warm or cold water to wet your hands before applying soap.
  • Later soap properly: Rub soap properly to cover both hands completely.
  • Scrub surfaces thoroughly: Scrub your hands like backs, palms, underneath nails & in-between fingers.
  • Rinse: Rinse the soap from your hands using clean water & rub them together.
  • Dry: Use a clean, soft towel to dry your hands or air dry.

When to wash your hands?

With proper hand washing, you can effectively eliminate germs, viruses, grease & dirt from your hands. Health experts mandate hand washing in given below situations:

  • Before starting to prepare food.
  • Before wearing single-use, clean gloves to work with food as well as between glove changes.
  • While entering the kitchen area to prepare food.
  • While switching & changing tasks between managing raw foods as well as when working on RTE foods.
  • Before serving utensils & handling clean equipment.
  • On touching bare body parts like exposed arm areas & parts apart from clean hands.
  • After sneezing, coughing, using tobacco, blowing the nose, drinking, or eating.
  • After using the toilet.
  • After handling or caring for land or aquatic animals.

Hand sanitizing

It is effective enough to eliminate germs and is valuable if you do not access water & soap nearby. But hand sanitizer does not destroy everything. It is best used along with handwashing.

Chemical & alcohol content

You need to purchase only alcohol-based sanitizer products for use. The right amount of ingredient contents in the sanitizer makes it fully effective in destroying germs, including the Covid-19 virus. You can also come across a combination of alcohol (like ethyl alcohol or ethanol), benzalkonium chloride, or isopropyl alcohol. They are active ingredients that work like antiseptics and do work effectively to eliminate germs & viruses.

Sanitizing your hands properly

To derive the best results and destroy harmful viruses, including Covid-19, use a branded sanitizer product with a minimum of 60% alcohol. Also, do follow the given below instructions:

  • Application: Use a sufficient amount of sanitizer if using a gel to cover your hands thoroughly. If using a wipe, then open up the wrapper or remove it from the container.
  • Rub properly: Once the above step is complete, rub your hands for approximately 20 seconds. Your rubbing in the sanitizer is complete as your hands start to feel dry. If using a wipe, then wipe hands for about 15 seconds.
  • Leave it: Do not remove the sanitizer before drying thoroughly from your hands. Avoid rubbing or washing it off on your apparel.

When to sanitize your hands?

Before using hand sanitizing wipes or sanitizer products, it will be necessary to wash your hands using water & soap if you get access to the latter. Otherwise, you can use hand sanitizing wipes. Using sanitizer can prove to be convenient as well as beneficial in the given situations.

  • After or before visiting anyone at a nursing home or hospital, guests, patients, nurses, workers & doctors use hand sanitizers as plenty of germs spread in these areas.
  • While preparing food. It is also used if water & soap is not available nearby.
  • After using phone & computer: Be it landline, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop, these gadgets tend to gather not only dust or dirt but also harmful germs & viruses. Since they are prone to contamination very fast, you need to decontaminate them every now & then. You can use hand sanitizer to clean your hands as well as your phone or computer.
  • Within the classroom setting: It has become essential for children of all ages to use hand sanitizer in the classroom setting to keep the dangerous Covid-19 virus at bay.
  • Additional precaution after washing hands with water & soap: You need to use hand sanitizers after using the restroom or visiting the kitchen area.

Maintaining better hygiene staying clean is no more a luxury. Instead, it has become a necessity to stay in good health & to be Covid-19 virus-free. Hand sanitizer products are indeed the best choice available currently to be safe & ensure you & your family remain well protected from this dangerous pandemic.


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