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Dry skin is the most common condition faced by people worldwide, which is caused due to not having appropriate amounts of water in the vital layer of skin called the epidermis. Dry skin also affects both females and males, but people aged 60 above are more prone to such issues. This is because their skin has diminished levels of skin oils which make the skin appear dry. Areas near the hand and legs are more affected by such problems. Environmental factors like temperature and humidity also have a significant effect on all such issues. The quantity of water retained on the skin is also evaporated from this. The problem of dry skin can also be because of side effects from various medications used by people.

The epidermis is rich in protein and fat, and the liquid part of the layer called the epidermis helps prevent dehydration of the skin. When skin is deficient in proteins, the moisture evaporates, and the skin becomes dry. To go with the prevention, the primary treatment is the best way to treat dry skin. The treatment can involve applying the frequent and time-based application of moisturizers on the skin. The untreated, dry skin can result in too many complications like bacterial infections and skin discolourations.


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Symptoms of Dry Skin

The most common symptoms associated with dry skin have been mentioned as follows:

  1. People will be highly affected by the problem of itching.
  2. The skin becomes rough and dry.
  3. There will be red patches on the skin.
  4. In severe cases, there can be cracks on the skin.

Ageing can lead to various other problems, and it can also cause the development of an itch-scratch cycle. This problem is highly found in the lower legs, hands, and arms. Constant scratching and rubbing of the skin can also make it thick and leathery.

Common Causes of Dry Skin

No single cause can be held responsible for dry skin, and the causes can be further bifurcated into internal and external. The external factors are most common and are easiest to treat. Some of the external factors are low levels of humidity and freezing temperatures or using central heaters in the winter season. Some of the internal factors can include the individual’s overall health, genetics, family history, personal medical history, and age.

The most common factor that causes dry skin is applying harsh soaps, adversely affecting dry skin. Other common causes are washing hands repeatedly, using harsh soaps, overusing the sanitizers containing alcohol content, and many more. Skin that feels tight after bathing is indicative of the removal of minerals from the skin excessively. When the skin is scrubbed, the oil is removed in large quantities, which results in dry skin.

People suffering from such problems must use moisturizers properly, and they must avoid synthetic fibres as they can irritate and worsen the problem of dry skin. Such dry skin conditions can also be there because of medicines like high BP and many more. Another factor is ageing which makes people prone more to dry skin. Other issues like malnutrition and diabetes are also associated with problems like dry skin.

People who suffer from dry skin have a significant symptom called winter itch. This is most common in older people and is caused by external factors like cold temperatures, using heaters, low humidity, and many more. In most severe scaly skin conditions, genetics also plays a significant role. Such problems can run in families and are highly based upon genetic components. Even some medical conditions can also cause dry skin, like hormonal changes or menopause in women. Medical conditions like hypothyroidism, diabetes can also cause such issues. This problem can be adequately diagnosed regarding the patient’s family history and personal medical history. One must consult the doctor as soon as possible in case one feels any such issue. Then the professionals will devise a proper treatment plan so that the patient can get rid of such a problem.

Treatments for Dry Skin

The best treatment is daily lubrication of the skin, and one must apply the creams and lotions effectively to control all skin related problems. Proper moisturizers can also improve dry skin. Any such related treatment aims to reduce itching and prevent water loss from the skin. Generally, one must use creams after taking a bath and apply them gently over all the affected areas. People can also go with various oral medications, but all must be undertaken with proper doctors and experts. People can also go with home remedies by taking lukewarm showers and avoiding harsh soaps on the skin, which will make it drier. People must use mild cleansers and soap-free products to cure such problems. While moisturizers and scents, particularly for dry skin, can be used, these must be applied within 3 to 5 minutes of bathing until the skin is damp. One must try level best to maintain the optimal hydration level in the skin so that dry skin conditions can be improved.

To prevent dry skin, one must humidify the indoor environments during the winter months. Decreasing the frequency of bathing and avoiding harsh soaps can also help to solve this purpose. One must also limit the exposure to wool clothing which will prevent the skin from further worsening. People with dry skin must go with cotton and natural fibre clothes to avoid irritation on the dry skin.

As a measure to treat dry skin, people can also use the No Scars soap. The soap helps to play a critical role in preventing problems like illness and infection. Skin is the most sensitive organ of the human body, and proper measures must protect it. The soap contains the best components like glycerin, which helps prevent the drying of the skin. It is considered to be the best moisturizing substance and helps the skin to look healthy and moisturized. The soap also contains other natural elements like aloe Vera which can help to prevent the early signs of ageing. It is highly rich in vitamins and minerals Like vitamins C, E, and A. The soap also has almond oil rich in vitamin E and helps to hydrate the skin by cleansing pores. This will help to reduce the chances of blackheads and blemishes on the skin and is an effective way to treat dry skin.

No Scars soap is one of the most successful products from the house of Torque Pharmaceuticals. The product never fails to satisfy the customers and provide them with the best way to treat dry skin. Various professionals from the medical field highly recommend using this product to get rid of problems like dry skin.


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